Bailed Squat, Knee Pain

So a few weeks back I was doing a widowmaker set on squats. Hit 17 reps, went down, and just didnt get back up. Had to bail. Well when I dropped the bar (low bar) it hooked on my belt and yanked me back. Didnt think anything of it. A few days later started to get an ache… essentially on the right side of my right knee, fairly deep in the tissue. The constant ache disappeared in a day or two, but for several weeks now, if I sit too long in aches again until I walk for a minute. Also if I’m on my feet to long itll ache when i sit down for a few minutes. It’s very dull and hasn’t inhibited me at all, it’s just lasted longer than desired. I’m still capable of full depth squats with no pain, and general movement seems okay short of the aforementioned transitions. And lastly, if i stretch while laying down, it shakes a bit at full extension.

Any thoughts while I inevitably pander around about going to the doctor?

It probably is your knee but also could be your lower back. The right side of my knee has been numb for years due to the nerve being pinched by a blown disc. Sometimes if I sit a while, my back can come out of line a little and make it worse.
There are lots of youtube videos that could be of help.

What’s funny is I actually trashed my back at work Monday moving 90 bags of fertilizer, completely took me out of commission Tuesday, spent all day Wednesday rolling and stretching and a shit ton of deep tissue with a lacrosse ball, opened up my hips and back. Pretty much everything including my knee feels 100x better

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