Bagsy's Training Log

Velocity W2D1

Pull-ups 7,6,5,4,3
Press 57.5x3x4
Front squat 115x3x4
Deadlift 200x2x4
BPA 3x20

I had very little time and was running on little sleep. I think I strained my hip flexor a little bit during this.

Velocity W2D2

Pull-ups 7,6,5,4,4

Walk + 18-minute run to hill

Peggy’s Hills. I did this for a little over 35 minutes. I did six push-ups at the top after nearly every rep. I did 13 or 14 runs, don’t quite remember. This workout is different in a good way because I usually sprint up the hill and walk down rather than continuously trudge up and down it. I’ll try to push this to 45 minutes next time.

Kneeling ab wheel 25,20


Velocity W2D3

Pull-ups 7,6,5,5,4
Six-mile run in 53:18

This was really rough. Feeling very run down from the hills yesterday, and I have slept poorly for three nights in a row.


Velocity W2D4

Pull-ups 7,6,6,5,4
Press 57.5x3x4
Front squat 115x3x4
BPA 3x25

Deadlift 205x5, 215x3, 230x1


Velocity W2D5

Pull-ups 7,7,6,5,4
Push-ups 3x10
Two-mile run in 16:36

I had to cut the run short by one mile due to time constraints. I’m feeling pretty drained right now anyway. Long run tomorrow :dotted_line_face:


Velocity W2D6

Nine-mile run in 1:17:30

2x20 of the following:
+40 SA BB row
Kneeling ab wheel

The run went a lot better than expected! It has been dangerously hot here lately, but it wasn’t too bad this morning. Good day so far because I also managed to get tickets for two shows that are in high demand :pray:


Lots of good stuff in here. A better run than expected is always nice! That is a great pace for a long time, I am not surprised.
I hope you enjoy the shows!

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Velocity W3D1

Pull-ups 8,7,6,5,4
Press 60x3x4
Front squat 130x1, 140x0, 125x2,100x10
BPA 2x25

I was in a rush again but still went off program tried to get a clip of a 140 FS. Bad day though. I felt weak even on the reps I was supposed to complete at 125, so I dropped the weight, did some reps, and called it a day. It’s been a rough couple of weeks. So yeah.

Velocity W3D2

Pull-ups 8,7,6,5,5

At the track in triple-digit temps: 3x800m (3:13,3:11,3:14) with 800m jog in between reps

The times weren’t too bad considering the circumstances.

Then two rounds of 2x20 at home:
Push-ups (have to rest-pause these reps)
Inverted rows
Standing ab wheel


Thanks for the words! Seems like I am in a similar place as you regarding training. Maybe not exactly, but I am going to ramble about it anyway after reading your recent posts in your log.

I will always train, no doubt about that. Yet I feel like for the past year or so it hasn’t been my number one priority, whereas lifting was a huge part of my identity for several years. It’s still a big part of my life, don’t get me wrong. I still ran Deep Water earlier this year, and that is straight-up exhausting. But I simply don’t see myself investing that much in that way again anytime soon.

In any case, my lifting progress is slow – very slow. Objectively, I would probably have to be willing to gain ten pounds to really add weight to the bar and gain a lot more muscle, even though I am not a very strong person at this point. I guess I don’t want those things badly enough. This isn’t “giving up” by any means. It is actually very freeing. I remember in college I would devour lifting-related content, but I seldom do that nowadays. I always felt like I was “wrestling” with lifting in this sense, frustrated by my more or less lack of progress. I hated it. Nowadays, I’ve invested so much more time in, for example, practicing foreign languages, which defines me way more as a person than lifting does. That hobby poses its own challenges. Nevertheless, I am more comfortable claiming that as my thing.

Although I still enjoy pushing myself a lot physically, I don’t beat myself up as much anymore about only hitting PRs a couple of times per year. Running in addition to lifting has been a bit of a “reset” for me, I suppose. I wasn’t enthusiastic about training at all for several months, but this change is helping. Not sure what’s going to emerge from all of this. Maybe a strength-endurance event in the future? Who knows.

My mental state has definitely changed in the past year, which also probably affects my attitude. But that’s a different post.

Thank you! Not until the fall but soon enough :smiley:


This hit hard. So often it is easy to forget that we have to prioritize, or we end up doing a lot of things poorly and ultimately spin or wheels.

This way of looking at a shift in priorities and interests is awesome. It sounds like you are giving yourself the space to have a new main “thing”.

There are so many great things your post. You put a lot of what I have been feeling into better words. I know this can be a weird place to post statements like that, but sometimes it is really nice to hear people that I have one hobby in common with, struggle with changes in mental and physical priorities as well. Great ramble!


+1 on the great ramble.
Similarly here, way too much happening in real life to focus a lot of mental bandwidth on training.
Which is why it helps to have certain things on autopilot. Which for me is basically lifting (program is super simple, and minimal), and eating (most meals are the same).

And I’m not holding myself to any arbitrary standards at the moment. If i can’t add weight this week, i won’t. Hope i can, but it’s ok if not.


Velocity W3D3

Pull-ups 8,7,6,6,5
Six-mile run in 51:01

Velocity W3D4

Pull-ups 8,7,7,6
Press 60x3x3
Front squat 125x3x2
Deadlift 210x2, 200x5
BPA 2x25

Pretty bad session. Realized on this day why the Russian fighter pull-up program does not recommend pushing the reps but rather adding weight. I think I’m going to try a different pull-up program.

Velocity W3D5

Two-mile run in 16:37

Velocity W3D6

10-mile run in 1:26:09
50 six-count burpees

Definitely the furthest I have run in several years.


Pull-ups 4x6
Push-ups 4x11
Goblet squat 24kgx3x17
BPA 3x25

Seven-mile run in 1:00:20. I planned to run only four or five miles but kept going despite the weather. I think I experienced the highest temperature of my life yesterday. I’m supposed to deload for a week, but I’ll probably jump back into it mid-week.


Glad you liked it! Cool that it resonated with you guys as well.



60 six-count burpees
BPA 3x25
Two-mile run in 16:16


Despite still competing, I relate to a lot of what you said there. I find myself in kind of a limbo with this - fire not bright enough to really make meaningful strides but at the same time too afraid to ease off significantly because it’s such a big part of my identity and honestly also of what people perceive me as. I too will lift and move for as long as I can but I’m not sure if I’m currently just postponing a decision that’s already made if I had the guts. On the other hand I still do get something out of going to those competitions.

I think you’re way more into it than I am (and maybe ever will be) because I haven’t even competed in any strength sport :slight_smile: Plus I’ve had a home gym for years now and don’t really talk in real life about training. Even when I did attend a gym, I never really talked to anyone ever about anything!

But yeah, it can be weird and sometimes difficult to ease off of something even if you would like to.

I can’t speak for you, but it does seem like you enjoy competing when you manage to do it. In any case, I very much believe that life is seasonal, and that applies to not just physical activity but also work and other hobbies.


Velocity W4D1

Pull-ups 8,5,5,4,4 (90s rest between efforts)
Press 57.5x3x5
Front squat 110x3x5
Deadlift 200x1, 210x1
Push-ups 14,11,11
BPA 25,25,20,15

I’m trying the Armstrong pull-up program now. The volume is still kind of high, but at least it is more auto-regulatory.

Velocity W4D2

Pull-ups 1,2,3,4,5,5,5 (pyramid until one set is missed + one more max effort set; 10s rest per repetition in the previous set)
Push-ups 13,11

At the track:
Jumps + 4x800m (3:18,3:13,3:14,3:13) with 800m jog between reps

I’m happy that I managed four rounds. The temperature is not outrageous like on Friday, but the heat wave still lingers.


Velocity W4D3

Pull-ups 9x3 (three sets normal grip + three sets close-grip + three sets wide-grip; 60s rest)
Six-mile run in 49:55

Pretty uneventful, but the temperature is finally much more manageable at 85 degrees. I am sure there will be more heat waves this summer. In other news, I attended my first ever (and probably long overdue) therapy session today, so that’s neat.


Hooray! I hope you find your therapist and the process fulfilling. I have mixed emotions about it all but on the whole found the 18 or so months I did it worthwhile, been thinking about a return when I settle into my next spot.

Thank you! I unexpectedly won a small prize from an organization that raised money to help people in my kind of situation, and I am supposed to spend it on mental health services, so that really spurred me to try it. Worried about affording it in the long run though.

For me it took some homework to find someone who seems suitable, and we have to meet virtually nevertheless, which could possibly be an option for you if you want to resume earlier.


Velocity W4D4

Pull-ups 19x3; 60s rest between sets
Press 57.5x4x5
Front squat 110x3x5
Kneeling ab wheel 1x25
BPA 3x25

Two-mile run in 16:22

I got a new pair of running shoes today and will probably wear them for a run tomorrow. Trying out Altras for the first time.