Bagsy's Training Log

Oh, I wish! I’m so fed up with grad school at the moment. Fortunately, I’m mostly waiting for data. Unfortunately, I probably still have 1–1.5 years here.


It’s been a moment.

40 pull-ups
SA KB press 14kgx3x6
Deadlift 210x3x2, 200x4, 190x6
BPA 25,20
Four-mile run in 33:04

Eight-mile run in 1:06:20
Push press 80x5x3
Kneeling ab wheel 2x20
BPA 3x20

I prepared some Central Asian dishes for my friends. We ate it all and had a good time :slight_smile:

50 pull-ups
Front squat 125x5x3
80 push-ups
BPA 2x25
Hilly three-mile run in 23:54

Hilly two-mile run in 15:38 because I needed to blow off more steam

20 pull-ups
Deadlift 200x3x5
SA KB press 14kgx3x7 (definitely improving here)
Kneeling ab wheel 2x25
Three-mile run in 23:41 (absolutely miserable… triple-digit temps in the morning)


Pull-ups +10x4x4 + some unweighted reps
50 push-ups
Goblet squat 24kgx3x16
Five-mile run in 39:12
Two rounds: 25 kneeling ab wheel + 60s plank

It’s been way too warm outside for my liking. Even though I won’t be training at my destination, I am so looking forward to cool, dry weather. I don’t know how much longer I can stand it here! It’s going to be a long work trip – not returning until Thursday evening. In the meantime, I have to think about which program to start when I come back.


Velocity W1D1
Pull-ups 6,5,4,3,2
Press 55x4x5
Front squat 110x3x5
Deadlift 185x2x5
BPA 2x25

I came back really late last night. The conference was pretty good, especially because I managed to do two awesome hikes. The work-life balance was much better than at the other conference I attended a few months ago.

I’m glad to be back in a routine though. I decided that I’m going to run Velocity, another TB program. It will be a little weird for me to lift only twice per week, though I’ll probably squeeze in a SE session or two each week. I don’t know how or why I’ve been bitten by the running bug again, but I think I am going to concentrate on improving strength and endurance for a while. I’m also going to run the Russian Fighter pull-up program.

I also treated myself to a new pair of earphones. Nothing super fancy, but my previous ones were old enough that I still feel like I really upgraded.


What did you get? my current pair (Shure SE215) is failing to charge somewhat regularly, need to see if I can replace the battery but I’m doubtful.

I got the Soundcore Space A40s. I’m very pleased with them after less than 24 hours. Keep in mind that I’ve never owned noise-canceling earphones let alone any kind of headphones before, so my standards could be low.

Like yours, my Bose Soundsport wired earbuds have not been charging normally for a while. The battery life also sucks, so it was irritating if they didn’t charge and I wanted them for a workout or a long call. I am on my third pair of those because I’ve had previous pairs break out of nowhere after around two years, and Bose replaced them each time for free. So, that means I haven’t known anything besides these for ages.

I lost one of the silicone tips for my Soundsports during one of my hikes last week. I wanted to buy replacement tips yesterday, but no store by me has them in stock. I took it as a sign from the universe to finally buy myself new earbuds. The Space A40s were under $100 from Target (and are priced similarly at other places, I believe).

I was initially concerned about the fit because they don’t have ear hooks. The standard size fell out of my ears a little bit yesterday. Then I tried on one of the other four sizes this morning, and they didn’t fall out during a hard track workout.

Plus, the battery life is awesome. And music sounds different to me now! One would think I’m an audiophile, but $$$$$. I’m going to save up to get a nicer pair later this year as well, but I feel very spoiled right now, haha. Very different experience.

I hope you enjoyed that novel. I remember that I didn’t answer your question regarding playlists. I do make my own, but I don’t think they make much sense to other people unless I make one for someone (which I sometimes do). I can add you on Spotify if you want!


Velocity W1D2

Pull-ups 6,5,4,3,3
At the track: 4x600m hard run (2:16, 2:16, 2:13, 2:21). 600m jog recovery in between rounds
2x20: Dips, inverted rows, kneeling ab wheel


Ha! I almost had a similar sign when Winnie ate the soft tip on one of mine a few months ago, I decided it was just a sign I needed to not leave my earbuds in the car with her, in the end.

Glad you like those, I’m hoping that using a different charger will resolve my problems but I’ll have to dive into the rabbit hole of options if not, I’ll keep the Soundcores in mind.

I honestly like my current pair and they’ve lasted probably 3.5 years which doesn’t feel all that short but I’m a sucker for trying the next best thing.

I read this and was like “shit did she recommend a novel to me and expect me to read it already?” I then scrolled up for 30 seconds and realized you meant your headphone post :sweat_smile:


How you feel after this?
Fine, I’ll bet.

Yeah, it’s not bad at all. I think hard 400m runs hurt worse :sweat_smile:

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Velocity W1D3

Pull-ups 6,5,4,4,3
Five-mile run in 41:20

Feeling pretty wrecked from the past few days :cowboy_hat_face:


an update nobody asked for

Got my headphones to charge, creepy voice said “You have more than 6 hours of battery life” I worked out for 45 min, used them again and it said “You have less than 2 hours of battery life.” So I started digging.

Butttt… before I got too deep I realized/remembered that my earbuds were detachable and after realizing that the style of cable I wanted was no longer made by Shure, I figured out that there is a standard connector (MMCX) that a lot of brands use. So I ended up buying one of the more well-rated brands for ~60 bucks and have a ton of other options to choose from including ones without a cord and ones that plug into a headphone jack. Happy I don’t have to dig into a full headphone review list and happy to keep using mine!


Hooray! As much as I enjoy upgrading things, I am frugal and don’t like buying new things unless it seems at least slightly necessary. So, I celebrate the prolonged lifespan of your earphones.

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Velocity W1D4

Pull-ups 6,5,5,4,3
Press 55x3x5
Front squat 110x3x5
BPA 4x20
Kneeling ab wheel 25,20


@bagsy you have a pretty serious front squat. If you feel like more forum cameraderie there’s a whole thread about it called “Front Squat 12 Week Challenge” hosted by Simo.
Not really a competition, just a chance to post your first and last set of front squats for the summer, basically, and encourage each other to improve it.


Velocity W1D5

Pull-ups 6,6,5,4,3
60 push-ups
Three-mile run 24:04



I haven’t experienced much of that lately!

Thanks for letting me know! I progress at a snail’s pace, but maybe I can manage to add a few pounds to my front squat. I’ll try to take a video as a starting point later this week.


Velocity W1D6

Eight-mile run in 1:09:58
Some BPA


I think this is the longest run I’ve seen from you, are you training for anything in particular?

I ran eight miles a few weeks ago too :slight_smile:

I don’t really know. I think it could be interesting to try some sort of obstacle run in the future, but I don’t have any particular event in mind. For now, running longer distances has been good for me mentally. I also think that changing things up a bit has made me more interested in training in general.