Bagsy's Training Log

I’ll give it my very best )unless it collides with my state’s exam)!

Yeah definitely hanging in there. As always


Operator W2D1
Pull-ups +5x3x5
Press 55x4x5
Front squat 115x3x5
BPA 5x20
Standing ab wheel 4x4
Lateral raises 5x3x20


4x600m resets (2:19, 2:22, 2:18, 2:21) at the track

This wasn’t great, but I did it. I think I could have added reps if not for my right glute/hamstring feeling cramped and a heavy thunderstorm that started just as I finished.

Then I ran for twelve minutes on my way home from work.


Operator W2D2
Pull-ups +5x3x5
Press 55x4x5
Front squat 115x3x5
SA KB press 12kgx11,10
T-bar row +45x17,14
2x25 BPA


LSS run: Six miles in 51:32

I wanted to run a little but longer unfortunately my right glute feels even tighter while running than it did on Saturday, so this was uncomfortable. It bothered me even while I was just walking home today. Otherwise I’m pleasantly surprised by how easy this already feels in the cardiovascular sense.


Reps were consistent in terms of pacing. This was always a good sign for me

How do you like Your Mind Is Not Your Friend?

How excited are you for April 28th?

I have intentionally not listened to that one yet. I will just wait for the album. I’m honestly almost more nervous than I am excited for the release… what do you think about the singles so far?

I am capable of respecting but not replicating this behavior.

Some The Record trauma?

I like them all to varying degrees, I like most of their songs in context of their albums (I am generally leaning in this direction for all band). I think I like YMINYF most so far even if Phoebe doesn’t takeover as much as I’d like.

I usually don’t abstain, so it will be interesting to see how it affects my first listen. I love new music, but I really can listen to the same stuff over and over again for ages, so I’m not very antsy.

Just a tad… that album still is not growing on me.

That seems to be popular opinion. Maybe she plays a greater role on the other track?

I love TMN, and Eucalyptus is great too. I’ll be honest in that New Order T-Shirt does absolutely nothing for me though.

It’s interesting because I think most general alt-music fans think fondly of The National but at the same time think they’re a bit… stale right now? Anyway, I’m very eager for the record to be released.

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Operator W2D3
Pull-ups +5x3x5
Push press 72.5x3x5
Front squat 115x3x5
Deadlift 190x3x5
BPA 3x20
Push-ups 3x10
Weighted plank +25x75s

Three rounds: 3x200m sprint/30s rest intervals
Three minutes of rest between rounds.

I think the day off yesterday helped a bit, but the tightness is still there. I doubled up today so that I can take tomorrow off as well. I’ve been getting a lot done this week and bought some tickets for shows so that I can finally end my concert drought. I feel a lot less burnt out than I have recently, yet I don’t think it’s completely gone. I knew I ran myself into the ground over the past several months. I didn’t realize it was that bad though… :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Glad things are sorting out, burn out will sneak up on you and hit hard.

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I think one needs the distance to truly see how much they’ve run themself into the ground. Although I know that I have never figured out how to break that cycle myself or even if I knew, I never felt I was in a (socio-economic) position to take action here.
If one is, one owes it to him/herself to prioritize themself and take said action.


25-minute fun run. Nine push-ups every five minutes. Ran 5.25 km. Also some pull-ups and BPA at home.

I guess I lied. I slept a long time last night, and I am working from home today, so I felt like doing something. My glute/hamstring tightness is much better now, so I should be back to 100% there in a few days I reckon.



Not same

I don’t know if I agree with it but if I disagree it’s not vehemently.

Congratulations on breaking your concert drought, hope you get some good shows in!


I guess the funny thing is that I expected myself to burn out at least a little bit. I definitely did given all my endeavors since the fall. It wasn’t a surprise. I’m pretty sure that’s one reason why I eventually got COVID (besides exposure, of course). Then I continued to work during that as if nothing happened, doing nothing about it. And I just kept going. I never even told my advisor about it. If a friend were going through the same thing, I would not have been keen on such an approach, so yeah :upside_down_face:


Operator W3D1
Pull-ups +10x3x3
Press 62.5x3x3
Front squat 125x3x3
3x20 BPA
Lots of lateral and front raises


LSS run: Six miles in 48:47

I was definitely not supposed to run that fast. Surprising given the wind and hills. I won’t have time to do this early next week, so I did it today. The weather was perfect anyway.


Operator W3D2
Pull-ups +10x4x3
Push press 80x3x3
Front squat 125x3x3
BPA 3x20
Some sandbag (90#) carries and push-ups

The push presses were way harder than they should have been. I also should not have neglected the sandbag carries for as long as I had.


Three-mile run: 22:45