Bagsy's Training Log

Pullups 9,7,8,7
Press 65x5,4,4
BtN press 50x9,9,8
Lateral raise 5x26,22,23
5x20 BPA
Dips +15x11,10,10,10


Deadlift 205x5,5,8
Front squat 100x10,8,7
SA KB press 14kgx5,6,5,3
BB curl 35x31 (didn’t feel like doing four sets of heavier curls…)

I think last week’s break supported my deadlift performance today. I’m low on energy and still drag myself through these sessions, and being able to pull 205 for 8 reps under the circumstances is nice. I definitely have some reps left in me on these sets.

It’s such a nice day that I decided to really suffer by running one mile as fast as possible, which I haven’t done in a while: 6:40. A little disappointed that I couldn’t dip into the 6:30s this time, but it’s still the fastest mile I have ever ran since my cross country days ended, so that’s cool.

So, yeah. I’m tired. Mentally and physically. My eye hasn’t stopped twitching for the past four days.

I was cooped up at home working on something for about seven hours straight, and I felt so antsy afterwards that I went on a very… dark, cathartic, and hilly two-mile run. 15:50, but I was really booking it.

So, I did some things today.


So much awesome.
Hope the mental and physical tiredness improves soon. Any good trips coming up for the holidays?

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I saw the original post and appreciate the words – not insensitive at all!

Thanks, I need to eat more soon so I can hopefully squat your 1RM in ten years from now!

Me too! Nah, I’m staying at home for the holidays per usual. I have a brief personal business trip in a couple weeks related to the Thing That Is Currently Occupying Most Of My Free Time that I will describe later, but it is far from a holiday.

But hopefully I will live vicariously through you this holiday season?


Ten years? I doubt that. I had to do Super Squats just to stay ahead of you!

I will happily share my adventures. One in a couple of days and another Christmas - New Years. Full of dirt and no cell service.

got that syndrome when i tried 531 for hard gainers, i also got some muscle tweak in my inner thigh. i stopped doing overambitious programs and the twitching ended, still suffer a little from the muscle tweak. imo, unless you are preparing for some kind of event it’s not worth it, training so hard and not recovering enough that you feel less good than you could between training sessions.

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I feel like I need to do that program to catch up :joy:

Have so much fun! I look forward to seeing the photos.

I actually don’t attribute this symptom to training per se. But I am preparing for an event – so it goes…


45-minute run

Got some steps in early this morning. That’s the longest I have run since my long-distance running days.

I spent the rest of the morning stressing over a dish because I am for once not being mopey and working on Thanksgiving. Spending the rest of the day with a couple friends and one set of their parents along with The Puppy. Last night I prepared homemade bone broth for today’s annual cooking effort: borscht.

I’ve actually never eaten let alone prepared a Ukrainian/Russian dish before, so I’ve no idea how it will taste. Regardless of the outcome, the experience was actually quite sentimental for me. And it’s even more fitting because most of the attendees are Eastern European.


Pullups 9,7,7,7
Bench 97.5x6,5,8(PR)
Push press 70x6,8,8
Pushups 10,11,10,9
5x20 BPA
Standing ab wheel 5,3,3

The first bench set was a little sloppy. PR on the last set pleasantly surprised me. Maybe thanks to this spread from yesterday (yet my lifting belt was a touch looser today):

It was a really nice time!


Congratulations on the PR. Do you have 1.25 plates?
And unrelated, were you a fan of the writing of Kurt Vonnegut by chance?

Thanks! Yep, I’ve had them for a while.

I like his books, but I haven’t read every work. He is the favorite author of my closest friend from college, and I was honored to accompany her for her first tattoo, which happened to be Vonnegut-related. Funny story though: I had my wisdom teeth removed during the same summer, and she went with me to the appointment. His books were the first thing I wanted to discuss when I woke up.

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awesome benching! Fractional plates are a lifesaver for upperbody days!

Super cool. Im curious what the tattoo was…
I vaguely remember now you may have posted about it.
But i ask because of your frequent use of “so it goes”, which features prominently in his work.

Did you get any feedback on your borschch? :smiley:

Damn that looks really tasty!

Thanks! I agree. 2.5 pounds can make a big difference overhead.

“So it goes” written in a nice font near near her ankle.

Haha, I guess I do say it often. So it goes…

Yeah, everyone liked it! Although it can be prepared in polarizing ways, I couldn’t be too adventurous due to my friend’s mom who has more food intolerances than me and, I must say, made some pretty good dairy-free mashed potatoes.

Thanks, it was! I rarely follow recipes and/or cook anything elaborate because I don’t enjoy it, but it is nice to put forth the effort on occasion.


SSB squat 145x5,3,3
Deficit RDL 135x8,7,6
SSB lunge 75x3x7

Some carries with 90# sandbag for ten minutes

I finally got new liquid chalk since I needed to replace my previous bottle for over a year now. That definitely helps.


Nice! I use a cloth bag of chalk… never tried liquid. It dries on contact?

Yep, it’s less messy. I prefer it.

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Hilly two-mile run 15:57
3x20 BPA