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Bagsy's Training Log


Deep Water Beginner W5D2
Pullups 10,8,7,7
BB row 75x4x10
Clean pull 115x3x10
3x60s plank + 3 standing ab wheel, no rest

I had a very weird night of almost no sleep thanks to night sweats, which were concerning. I feel okay today besides craving sleep. Hoping this isn’t COVID. I felt fine enough to lift this morning at least. I may or may not do some conditioning in a bit, as I am quite tired.

10 minutes of picking up and carrying 70# sandbag

Feeling better after that little stint of carries, so I guess sandbags cure something. /s

I definitely should add weight here, though I only have another ten pounds or so of gravel on hand. I also want to buy some nicer filler bags. Maybe a project in a few weeks while I heal from surgery, which is (somehow) still on.


Deep Water Beginner W5D3
Push press 57.5x10x10, 2 min rest
BB curl 50x5x10
Lateral raises 10x3x10
5x20 band pull aparts
3x60s plank + 20 situps, no rest

5 hill sprints
1500m cooldown 7:10

Slept for an eternity last night and crushed the second Deep Water day of this week. The hill sprints this afternoon went great. Physically feeling much better, dunno what happened on Sunday night.

I still have a little left to go, but I already 100% want to rerun this program at some point this year.


Are you planning on running intermediate at any point?

I want to! Just when it seems like I’m on a roll I have to go ahead and get surgery lol.

My soft plan is to try out one of the intermediate weeks in the one extra week I have before the procedure, and then of course see how I feel during recovery. If it’s only 2-3 weeks before I am more or less 100%, then I’ll take a week or so to reacquaint myself with the barbell and then rerun the beginner program or try the intermediate. If the incisions won’t cooperate, and I have to take off more time, then maybe some 5/3/1 again to get back up to speed and reevaluate.


Ha, figured you weren’t going to be able to squeeze it in before going under the knife! Sounds like a good/terrible plan though. I’m considering doing a cycle of BBB in-between out of town responsibilities, starting in late January but still a long ways off from talking myself into the deep waters

Part of me is still waiting for the scheduling department to notify me that the procedure will be delayed/canceled because COVID is so bad in my area, but I won’t be upset either way.

I’m glad I opted for DW instead of BBB. It’s a nice change, and I think I am responding well to it. It’s not as bad as it seems on paper. BBB is still great though. I think you’ve done it before?


Ive never actually run BBB before, figure it should be a good but not massive shift from my own programming that I’m doing currently.

I hear you on Covid, I’m shocked it hasn’t been cancelled, NY is taking it very seriously. You would think elective procedures would be gone by now. My doggy training, which was largely outside was cancelled because it was supposed to be on Cornell’s campus.

I’ve done 5/3/1 as a maintenance before. I had one month where I could only lift once a week. Total of 2 squat/bench and 2 OHP/deadlift sessions in a month. Just maintained my weights using 5s week %. Not sure if this info will be useful to you, but still putting it out there just in case.

For me it’s only challenging if using the FSL weights for BBB, and even then mostly on the third week. But you move much more absolute weight so YMMV.

I am very lucky to be minutes away from world-class medical care, and the hospital system has accordingly postponed some but not all elective procedures. So, I’ve lucked out… for now. I have to say that my area and state overall disappoint but do not surprise me at this point. There are idiots everywhere, though. Can you do any virtual training?

Dude, I’ve maintained my lifts on 5/3/1 for… probably four or more years now! I am very good at that! :rofl:

Only half joking. Seriously though, that’s good to know if I need to drastically reduce frequency at some point in the future.


Ooops. You’ve been running 5/3/1 longer than I have been training LOL.

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3x8 pullups
Deep Water Beginner W5D4
Bench 87.5x(10,10,8) 3 min rest
Close grip bench 75x3x10
Seated press 47.5x3x10
6x15 band pull aparts
Dips 12,8,8
Pushups 7,6,5

Ran out of time for the ab work, so I have to do that later. This workout is much harder on the push press weeks than on the strict press weeks. The former makes my shoulders very sore, whereas the latter does not.

2 mile run 15:09

I hate doing anything in the evening, but it’s a nice night, so I figured why not. I felt like I was flying during this, a real runner’s high on that last mile, even though my time wasn’t super fast.


I mean, I’ve wasted a few years, so don’t think that your (or anyone else’s) input is not potentially valuable to me.

I’m going to have to give Forever another glance before picking weights, for sure. What percent of your TM were you using for the BBB sets?

If you use FSL weights then BBB would be with 65%, 70%, and 75% of your TM on weeks one, two, and three, respectively. Honestly, I sometimes went a little higher than that, especially on deadlifts.


Just glanced at it, I think I’ll test my 2-3 rep maxes before my late Jan vacation, see where that puts me and make a decision on what version of BBB I want to do, it’s looking appealing though. Have you always run it with an 85% TM?

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I usually use 90% TM regardless of the program, but I think 85% is a good idea.



Did Juarez Valley front squats with 100. Top set of 10 reps and did five burpees in between sets. Finished in 15:44.

Then did the ab work I missed yesterday – 3x60s plank + 3 standing ab wheel, no rest.



3 mile run 23:58
Some band pull aparts

I might have PR’ed on sleep last night, as I slept in past 9, which is incredibly unlike me. There was a winter storm advisory last night, so I almost opted for the bike. My town freaks out over snow and also doesn’t clear the roads and sidewalks well, but I am glad I went running instead even if the slush slowed me down a little bit.

Final lower body day of DW Beginner tomorrow and feeling very good about it.


Deep Water Beginner W6D1
Deadlift 170x10x10, 2 min rest
Squat 95x10, 100x2x10
SSB lunge 65x3x10
3x60s plank + 20 situps, no rest

This was probably the worst day of the whole program. I did not expect deadlifts to feel increasingly worse each week and squats the opposite. I don’t want to know how long it took me to set up my squat stands and SSB after the tenth set of deadlifts. It felt like slow motion.

Still have three days to go, but I feel like I already conquered the program now. Only several months ago on BBB I could not manage 170x5x10 even with longer rests. Though I did those sets beltless, I still think this difference is huge.


Fast and smooth! Very nice. And then there’s this:


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