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Bagsy's Training Log

Nice. I’ve said it before, but I wish I would have started lifting when I was younger.


Ugh, I just bought 25 lb bumper plates from Rogue.


That had to set you back a bit $$
I need a pair of 45s so I can deadlift at home. But prices are ridiculous, and amazingly cant seem to find used anywhere.

The price wasn’t that bad compared to other places. But I also indulged in some other Black Friday purchases when I haven’t even paid for my health insurance yet :sweat_smile:

It’s hard to find deals on plates still. For used I would probably search for “weights” on Craiglist or something and check it several times per day. I didn’t check the price on 45s anywhere recently because I don’t need them, but all of the plates I ordered from Wright 1.5 years ago are holding up very well. Wright is usually a touch cheaper than competitors, but again, nothing is a bargain right now – if it seems like it is, shipping costs will change your mind. I’d say it’s not a bad idea to look into it given the current state of the pandemic.

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Wow, Rogue already shipped my plates yesterday.

I took yesterday completely off and had a fabulous day with a new friend of mine, who let me meet her best friend who was visiting from out of town. I haven’t really had a social life in a long time, and this is really improving my mood.

Anyway, I just got my first bag of pea gravel for my sandbag. I’m not sure I would call it conditioning, but at the very least I would not call hauling a 40 pound bag in my backpack for almost two miles a pleasant experience. I’ll probably go back for the other bag later in the day.

Also have been stretching a lot this morning to try to get rid of the knot in my back.


2 mile walk with 40lb? Yeah, that’s a session all by itself (esp considering the % of your bw)


It was definitely a ruck, hahaha.

Lifting weights reduces the need for the above surely…!

Oh yeah, unless you’re an idiot like me who cuts her shin when misjudging a jump onto cement and ends up paying more than two paychecks for three stitches. That happened in spring 2020. It was absolutely ridiculous that I had to pay that much, but it would have been way worse without my insurance, which costs me almost one paycheck every year anyway…

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Looks like photos work if I use Safari, so I suspect I need to clear all of my main browser’s cookies/cache.

I have a nice space outside that seems like it’s meant for lifting on it.

I went to Lowe’s again this evening and rucked home with another 40 lb bag of pea gravel. I took a shortcut so that the trek back was only 1.5 miles, but it was much hillier, so I can’t say it was easier. Overall not fun considering that I’m running on few calories. Anyway, I look forward to filling this soon:


I just bought an 80kg sandbag in black friday sale. Safe to say it feels soooo much heavier than i thought 80kg would weigh but i cant wait for the new gains it brings to my posterior chain and crushing strength for grappling! How you find yours? How do you plan programming it in to your workouts?

Pullups 10,9,8,7,7
1x clean and press 50x3x11
Standing ab wheel sort of 5,4
3x20 band pull aparts
Tabata assault bike 39.2 cal

SSB squat → 150x1, 80x22,18
3x25 band pull aparts

5 hill sprints
1200m cooldown

Pullups 10.5, 3x7
Dips 15,14,10
Band pull aparts

3 mile run 23:20
Band pull aparts

Pullups 11 (PR),9,8

235x1 PR

Belt squat +40x17,14

Max distance ~60lb sandbag carry in 10 mins

Work has exhausted me these past couple of weeks and left me with little free time this week. My cut also hasn’t gone so well this week; I wouldn’t say I have plateaued, but it’s meh. I plan to end the cut after the next week or so. I have longer thoughts on that for later.

I blew away my expectation of not setting PRs in a caloric deficit, which I had only done once before in my life. It makes sense for pullups to improve with weight loss – hey, first time increasing my BW reps for a single set in a couple years, but the deadlift PR was especially strange. I think this is only the second time I’ve deadlifted in the past several weeks. I suppose all of the volume I accumulated months ago still helps.

I couldn’t resist testing myself a little after my bumper plates arrived this week. It almost makes me wonder if my bumpers are a little lighter than advertised, but I’m going to take it anyway, because it looks like I had another five pounds in me.

My GPS didn’t work on my phone, but I think I carried the sandbag only for a quarter mile or so. Sixty pounds isn’t too terribly heavy either. It was a good way to get started using my sandbag. I ended up making homemade filler bags for the pea gravel, and I was afraid that they would burst, but so far so good.


Awesome, hope you like your sandbag! I can already tell that it will be very useful for me. Probably mostly cleans and carries for me, but I could see myself trying some presses and other movements in the future. Playing around with it for a bit.


Fantastic! And while cutting, no less. Nice work.

This makes me think of “rawr xD” Internet culture

Better yet, your log is brimming with PRs. So let me have a couple :joy:

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I spent a couple hours trying to find my old MySpace not too long ago. Never could find it but found some of my friends and it was hilarious.


Awesome deadlift, nice PR

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I was a young teenager around the time Myspace peaked and started declining. This was when it developed a shady image, and I was definitely never allowed to have one. I also wasn’t allowed to have Facebook, and though I broke that rule in junior high (and wish I never did), I never dared to get Myspace because that move would have seemed ten times worse.
I’m surprised Myspace is still around.

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Way to go with that DL PR. Quality

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