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Bagsy's Training Log

See now, this is getting out of hand.


Because that is an impressive bunch of pullups.


I feel like pullups have become my identity in my resistance training pursuits, so I don’t have much excuse to not be at least okay at them.

I feel a training log title change coming on.

I vote for “Pull ups and Pre-eminence”


My sandbag arrived today. I’m still not able to upload photos for some reason. Does anyone else have this issue?

Haha, that’s a good one. I’m not that proud of myself though.

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Sometimes when they change the banner you have to clear the cookies in your browser/app , then everything seems to work again.

Definitely should have thought of that before, thanks. Still doesn’t work for me though.


Pullups 9,8,7,7,6
2 mile run ~15:40
3x25 band pull aparts

I slept in today, which was nice. I really don’t want to, but I’m working this holiday because I have nothing better to do, sadly. I think I want less to do something for Thanksgiving than I wish I were able to see my best friend, whose birthday is this weekend. We haven’t seen each other in over a year and haven’t kept in touch as well as we’d like this year.


That’s a tough situation, and I can relate. My best friend moved across the country back in 2019. We’ve only seen each other a couple times since then, and go through spells where we don’t have contact for a while. When we do get back in touch or see each other though it’s like no time has passed, and that’s what makes a best friend.

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Distance is the ultimate test of any kind of relationship.

For sure. Now I’m going to go on a tangent. :slight_smile:

I was talking about this with someone the other day who thought it was weird that her partner and his friend, who visited them last weekend on a trip, rarely ever talked to each other.

I didn’t think that was super weird. Honestly, none of my good friends live in my state. I only recently made a couple friends here. And most of my distant friends, although we aren’t best friends and we sometimes don’t even say much to each other over the course of a year, would let me stay with them or vice-versa in a heartbeat. It wouldn’t be weird. I think these types of friendships are great.

I’m lucky that my best friend more than tolerates the distance, since we’ve been maintaining the friendship this way for over six years. I’m always the one moving, and she’s the one who still lives in our hometown. I’m kind of down because we usually text and call each other semi-regularly, but she’s been much busier this year because she got engaged and is planning a wedding for early next year. I’m happy for her and can accept that; I don’t necessarily think I’m jealous. Though in many ways it’s felt more isolating than last year’s pandemonium.


I’m thinking about treating myself with some 25 lb bumpers… :thinking:



Pullups 9,8,8,7,6
SSB squat 100x3x10
SA KB Press 12kgx9,9,8
2x25 band pull aparts

I have a nasty knot in my back again, which made all of this painful. This pullup program is deceiving in that it doesn’t seem like a lot of work, yet I’m pretty sure this is the highest weekly pullup volume I’ve ever sustained.

Had a weight loss whoosh last night, and I’m definitely on my belt’s 8th hole. Again, this surprises me because I usually have to be lighter to achieve that. My physique looks more or less the same as it did earlier this year, but I’ll take what I can get. Took some pics but still can’t post photos for some reason.

I feel like this year was one of trying to prove to myself that I have okayish strength, so I erred toward lower volume programs with the exception of a couple BBB cycles. I plan to focus more on hypertrophy for the foreseeable future after I finish this brief cut.


It absolutely does seem like a lot of work. How many times a week?

Well, at first glance it is not so bad – only five sets of pullups. It’s supposed to be five days on, one day off, repeat. But I have been taking two days off from pullups rather than the one suggested.

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Yeah, that is objectively quite a lot of PUs, and you are obviously making progress on them. I actually told my son about this badass girl on a forum who does this interesting progression on pull-ups and told him he should give it a try.


The frequency and quality volume seem to help, and that’s no surprise. But weight loss helps too, of course.

How wholesome of you. It’s been a lot of accumulating volume over the years, probably 100 pullups nearly every week of the year. Like most people, I want to make sets of double digits more of a norm, but it’s tough. So I guess this progression has been a good way to shake things up for now.

I bet your son will be doing muscle ups soon enough if he isn’t already :wink:

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Nah, he seems to be built for squatting. He is only 16, and a pretty normal looking kid and he just hit 142.5 the other day. He says he is going to pass me soon, and I think he is right.


Ah, if only I could relate!

That’s huge. You have two sons, right? And they both lift? Or am I imagining things?

Yes and yes.