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Bagsy's Training Log

Different articles say different things, so I chose the rep max approach and started conservatively. :woman_shrugging:

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Pullups 8,7,6,5,4

SSB 120x5,5,6,6
1x Clean and Press 60x5,5,5,5

Standing ab wheel progression 2x7
Band pull aparts

Trying a simple full body approach on the barbell lifts for the next few weeks. Felt weird squatting with a bar on my back given that I’ve only front squatted for the past several months. I had to regress on the pullup program; I’ll probably take a few days off from them and restart from the 8s wave next week.



Easy, hilly, chilly 2 mile run < 16:00. And some band pullaparts.

Still fatigued from Thursday. I slept a lot last night.



Front squat 115x5,5,5,4
Bench 90x6,6,5,5
SA BB Row +50x15 +40x18
Dips 14,13
Tabata assault bike 40.2 cal

It was weird hopping on the assault bike after such a long time without using it. I’ve been thinking of selling it, honestly, but I’ll see how I feel when the weather gets much colder and snow arrives. I already lack much energy but will keep this up for a few weeks.

And fall photo dump from yesterday because I think the colors in my area peaked and why else do I have this log:


I think I’m going to buy a Rogue sandbag soon. My bank account sheds tears because I also need to pay for my health insurance, but I’m also a buy-nice-or-buy-twice kind of person. The sizes of Cereberus and Ironmind’s bags don’t seem appropriate for me.

@boilerman @mr.v3lv3t Do you also use Rogue’s filler bags, or something else?

I just used playground sand from home Depot. Very inexpensive which should soften that blow haha.

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I use the “rogue strongman sandbag”. I think they might have been called something else when I bought them, though. I have the 150lb and 200lb bags.

Feels so good to see live acts again! Who/what did you see?

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@boilerman @mr.v3lv3t

I guess I should have clarified; I was initially viewing Rogue’s basic sandbag, which has handles, and I saw that you can purchase filler bags to easily adjust the weights. I already planned on getting sand or pea gravel from Lowes or Home Depot. The page for Rogue’s strongman sandbags does not list the filler bags, so sorry for the confusion. I was wondering if you guys used filler bags or something like that, but then again you’d tolerate bigger weight jumps than me.

It seems like the strongman bag might be more different from the traditional barbell and therefore a better tool to have, so now I’m leaning toward that one. I remember being terribly humbled when I used sandbags a couple times at my previous gym and so was leaning toward being more conservative, but maybe the 100 lb one could be okay in the long run. I could use old clothes if I needed to use little weight but still fill the bag’s volume.

Lots of overthinking about a silly sandbag! I want to make sure I’m making the right choice before I buy anything, especially considering Rogue’s prices. Thanks for chiming in!

Yeah, going to shows is the only thing that makes me feel like my life is returning to “normal.” Not having them really depressed me over the past 1.5ish years. I’d love to say which acts, but it’s way too easy for someone to work backwards and figure out my location!



Pullups 8,7,6,5,4

1x clean and then press
75x5 push press

Band pull aparts
Some standing ab wheel progression



Pullups 8,7,6,5,5
40 pushups


3x20 band pull aparts


5 hill sprints
1.2 km cooldown


Pullups 8,7,6,6,5



Pullups 8,7,7,6,5
1x clean and push press 70x3x6
SA KB Press 12kgx2x7
3x20 band pull aparts
3x8 standing ab wheel progression


2 mile run 15:24
Felt good to get outside after inhaling a not-so-nice chemical at work.

Nothing crazy. I guess this is slowly looking like a one-lift-a-day sort of thing with pullups almost every day. Work has been busy the past several weeks, and I’m in a caloric deficit. I’m not feeling too crummy yet, thankfully. Other good news is that I was able to tighten my belt to its 8th hole today, whereas in the past I would have had to be a couple pounds lighter to do that.


Ah gotcha, yeah that’s a big difference haha. I have no experience with handle equipped sandbags.

You could always underfill the bag if you get a strongman one and wlrn your way up. I have an ironmind that can hold like 300+lbs of sand and I’ve never had it that heavy. Winds up being floppy no matter how hard you try and pack it in, which lends itself to a much different experience than a tightly packed one. Value in both IMO. Personally, I don’t see a ton of value in one with handles but ymmv of course.

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Pullups 8,8,7,6,5
SSB squat 80x21,20,21
3x20 band pull aparts

I’m still feeling crippled from this week’s deadlifts, so I opted for something lighter but higher volume. It seems like my quads did most of the work by my not pulling down on the handles, which is good. Maybe I’ll swap front squats for SSB squats in a couple weeks.

I’m going hiking again later. A new outdoor activity-focused grad student group is leading the trip. I look forward to meeting new people. I am glad I have been able to enjoy the fall weather and scenery so much this year.


The hike was easy, only three miles or so. It was a nice day and very refreshing to meet people from other departments. I feel like I live in a bubble.

Also finally bought a Rogue strongman sandbag. I was debating between the 100 lb and 150 lb but went with the latter. I figure if Alena Alsruhe can carry a 200 lb bag, then I should be able to carry 100+ lb at some point in my lifetime… either way, I’m looking forward to dabbling in loaded carries.



50 pushups
50 goblet squats 24kg kettlebell
3x8 standing ab wheel progression
3x20 band pull aparts

Sleep is starting to suffer a little bit. My legs are pretty dead from yesterday’s squats and 23k+ steps, and I’m still feeling the past week’s deadlifts. I’m still glad I did something today because I’ll probably be short on time again for most of this week.


Good work as always.
The sandbag talk (in many logs) has me itching to get one. I have a seabag which would be perfect, just need to fill it up and start heaving it.

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Are you going to fill to 150 from the beginning or work your way up?
Damn I wasn’t going to start that heavy myself!

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Do it!

Oh, no way. I view it more as an investment. I only toyed with sandbags once or twice before, and 75 pounds was manageable yet still humbling. 100 was out of the cards. Sooo, somewhere around the former is probably my starting point. I can always use lighter material to “fill out” the bag if necessary.

If I can someday handle 150 lb the way Alena handles 200 here, I’d be pleased with myself:

I really admire Alena’s strength, if that isn’t obvious, hahaha.


I’m a fan as well. Talk about a power couple haha.

Right? They both are phenomenal athletes and create such helpful content. Great personalities too. And I love their dogs.

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Pullups 9,8,7,6,5
1x clean and press 60x6,5,6
3x5 standing ab wheel progression
3x25 band pull aparts


Pullups 9,8,7,6,6
50 pushups
Front squat 110x3x5

Goblet squat 24kgx16,14,16 each followed by 300m “sprint”

The lack of energy is starting to hit me hard, but I’m doing what I can.

Also weird – I’m trying to upload a photo, but the site isn’t letting me.