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Bags Under Eyes - High E2? Unrelated Injection Questions

Couple of quick questions-

  1. I’ve got big bags under my eyes- despite plenty of sleep. IIRC, I read once this can be a sign of high E2? Any truth in that? I’m doing completely new bloods in Jan so if it persists I’ll know anyway.

  2. Pretty sure I’ve hit a nerve in my quad- currently pinning e3d just quads (plan on learning delts and glutes in the new year)-

6 days ago I pinned and I remember thinking (did I go through and touch the bone), it was painful more than normal. Fast forward 6 days and my whole quad has gotten sore- almost in a straight line down it and above the knee. Anyone else experienced this?

Oh and a bonus question

  1. whats the most cc you can generally pin in one go? Thinking of doing a blast in the spring and on e3d it will mean doing nearly 1ml per injection- is that ok IM? Seems a lot of fluid to put in?

Ta- Merry Christmas one and all!

  1. You may be get plenty of sleep but if it’s shitty sleep then the quantity hardly matters. I bet you’re sleeping your full eight hours (or whatever your number is) but it’s not good, restorative sleep. I’ve had e2 at double the range and never once has it given me bags under my eyes, and I’m prone to them. I’ve had them plenty of times due to bad sleep quality.

  2. If you hit a nerve you would not be ‘pretty sure’, you’d be more certain of it than anything else in your life. There is no way to confuse that pain with something else. It sounds like a subq leak. They can be unpleasant and cause radiating pain like you’re describing.

  3. Quads and glutes will hold 3ml with ease. Delts will comfortably hold 1ml, but that’s kind of the max. Ditto lats.

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Ta. What the hell is a subq leak?

Interestingly Id just changed to smaller shorter needles from my harpoons.

Can you push the smaller needles all the way in (so it butts up and cant go any further)- I didn’t do this btw

Basically the oil leaks out of the muscle and travels into the subcutaneous area outside of it. They can be painful, especially in certain spots (like the quads). I had a subq leak in my delt a few months ago and it didn’t hurt, but you could roll the oil around under my skin and hear this sort of sickening wet sound when you pressed on certain spots.

Not convinced its that. This feels deep down inside- it did REALLY hurt when the pin hit what at the time I thought might have been bone. Could I have maybe grazed a nerve Edge?

If it hurt like nothing before then yes, it was a nerve.

The bags under your eyes and everyone else for that matter is nothing more than fat deposits sort of like little pads of fat.
The only way to get rid of them entirely is to have the pads of fat surgically removed.
The tendency to deposit fat under the eyes is genetic and may occur early in life or later.
When you are tired the blood flow to that area may be diminished and the tissue in that area becomes dehydrated causing the fat pads to appear more pronounced.
You cannot diet this fat deposit away.
You can use chemicals that hydrated the tissue around the fat pads making them look less pronounced and feel " tighter " .
Some people claim hemmeroid cream causes the area to " tighten " up as well. Like Preparation H.

Mate I haven’t grown bags of fat under my eyes in a few days. Ive had them come and go across the course of starting TRT.

Hormonal fluctuations are either disturbing my sleep or its water.

Question is- is high E2 to blame? Will find out in Jan

This would be my guess. Have you tried a good eye cream? Something with caffeine to tighten the skin up for a bit?

I’m not fussed about them cosmetically at the min as I’m sure they’re a short term thing. So no ive notnused anything like that.

I’m more interested in what is causing them and treating that.

Was wandering if anyone else had experienced it as a TRT side and what it can be an indication of?

Fluctuating hormone levels increase the likelihood of the body retaining fluid around the thin skin underneath your eyes. This is one reason why pregnant women often have puffy eyes – their hormones levels are constantly changing. Overactive thyroid gland can also lead to swelling of the area under the eyes.

Edit: copied from a search result

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high dose test makes me look like 10 years older, yea, water retention.

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Go to your local drug store (walgreens, cvs, riteaid, etc) and buy a freezable eye mask.

They’re made for bags and work well with reducing the inflammation and water retention.

Cheers for that- like I said earlier… at the min I don’t care cosmetically. Id just like to know the route cause and sort that out

I’m getting bloods in 2 weeks- I’m hedging that my E2 is a touch high!