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Bagels PWO?


What type are best? WHite or whole wheat?

How much slower is eating carbs right after your workout than drinking them?



White would be better immediatly PWO because of it's high GI(fast digesting). I would suggest a liquid PWO meal such as chocolate milk if your on a budget, if not Surge is your best bet. The reason for this isliquid is digested faster than whole food.


Hey there. I know you are interested in popping out your abs. No bagels...ever. Switch to Ezekiel 4:9 bread or tortillas. Aside from fruits and veggies I keep my carbs to oatmeal, the ezekiel 4:9 products and supps.


I disagree. Performance and muscle gains drop off too quickly (for me atleast) when dieting if I fail to consume high GI carbs PWO. My standard PWO meal is a whole wheat bagel with jam and some Low-Carb Grow!, followed 2 hours later by 1/2 cup of dry oatmeal and another serving of Grow!


Well I for sure want to see my abs more, BUT I also want to build muscle as I need to to compete next year.

So for now I'm having a good PWO shake with multidextrin, dextrose, BCAA's and 90% whey. Then I eat a small snack/meal an hour later with some lower GI carbs as well, then for the most part I avoid carbs (except veggies of course!) except 1-2 days/week when I carb-up/refuel/cheat :slightly_smiling:


It may be different for women but too stay lean and feel great I avoid most 'baked' items. The Grow!, Surge and Oatmeal and completely sprouted grain products provide me with plenty of energy and my muscle gains have been excellent (for me at least).

When eating actual food, not supps, I try to stay away from most things that are not in a fairly natural state.