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Bagels (Dave’s Killer Bread) PWO?

What are your thoughts on Dave’s killer bread bagels? Just found these in the grocery store and they taste amazing.

What’s the verdict on bagels? I’m having these as my first meal in the morning alongside eggs and 15g of oatmeal right before leg and back day

I consider bagels to be a treat.

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Can I ask you why? What makes them inherently “worse” than other carb sources?

Also, a bit of a confession. I’ve never had a bagel in my life. They aren’t really a thing here. One day I’ll find a place where they sell them, I swear haha

I consider most carb sources a treat, haha.

But the processing in particular. I try to eat food that is basically the ingredients of other food.


Bagels are great pre-workout.

I personally do bagels in the AM to get myself a caloric headstart. I get them for free at the office on Wednesdays


I agree. I love bagels with jam pre or post workout. Easy on digestion and tastes great. Take them along with whey isolate shake to suit my daily protein macro needs and that counts a meal. After it I eat a well balanced proper meal. Works for me. Mind you I’m cutting right now and sub 10% bg. Been eating clean more then 13 years so this is really something for me now and I love the benefits fast burning sugars bring like fullness and smooth digestion fwiw.

Just my 2 cents:)

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I should def try bagels with jam

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Agree with @T3hPwnisher; this kind isn’t the worst carb source but is definitely still more “fun” than “food.” I like oats with protein and natural peanut butter (maybe some fruit in there as well), or a protein bar with some natural peanut butter, as a solid PWO meal.

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Def should mate. Pre WO they cool, but a good hour ago I did them Post WO and they were like gone in a minute lol so I prefer cereal as its more food to eat and leaves me happier and more full(just a tiny bit hehe).

I love oats with whey iso and natural peanut/nut butter thrown in anytime lol but if right after working out I prefer to keep fat as low as possible. Just my opinion and preference here. Next meal its full power ahead lol

Oh, I hear you man – I meant PWO as Pre Workout, not post. I also keep fats very low post. But pre, a little bit of nut butter (1 tbsp) just gives me some sort of added boost. It’s hard to describe.

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Completely agree with added fats in PWO mate. MountainDog suggests up to 10g of fats so basically 1tbsp nut butter does the job. Many opinions floating around, so best to work it out by yourself, how you feel etc. Its all trial and error, no cookie cutter formulas allowed))


That’s good to know – I love the MountainDog! Totally makes sense. I’ve tried the “only protein + carbs” preworkout route and it doesn’t give me the same juice. I can physically feel the effects of the fats…that Peanut Butter Pump, baby!

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Yeah buddy…Ain’t nuttin’ but a peanut lol Will add 1tbsp of natural peanut butter to my whey iso shake and have with honey cheerios tomorrow as I’ve been doing without added fats lately and the energy is short lasting, the added fat will keep it pumping longer and better.


Amazing Ronnie reference. Love it, man! What do you put in your preworkout shake? Guessing the Cheerios are on the side (with milk?) and not in the shake?

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Yes, I have 100g cheerios in a bowl and just put whey iso with almond milk in shaker and pour onto them cheerios like simple milk. Or just make shake with water and have the same way. Depends on my macro budget for the day hehe

How many of these bagels do you eat in one meal? Very calorie dense…

funny you bring that up I 100% can tell a difference in my pump/strength when I have fats before a workout

just one but lately ive been doing eggs and oatmeal+1tbsp almond butter and its tough to beat.

How many eggs? Mind sharing the macros you’re putting back preworkout? I’m always on the hunt for good combinations of foods for preworkout energy, particularly as I’ve had to work out in the mornings lately and far prefer having a few meals in my stomach and working out in the PM.