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Bag of Nickles Log


Hey guys, I have gotten a few request to do a training log for my quest to be the youngest lifter to bench 600 pounds in a comp and to win both the open and junior divisions in the upcomming uspa/ipl national championship in July. Hope you guy's like it, if anyone has in questions feel free to ask.

A bit about me: My name is Nick and I train at performance one advanced sports in Mesa, Az, my first competition was in Feburary for the USPA regionals in which I won best bench and I believe best overall lifter. I got a medal and a plaque lol so I'm assuming one of them was for overall. When I started benching heavy, it was about a year ago in January and my max was about 435 or so and I was about 245-250, now its somewhere close to 600 and I'm 290.

Today's chest:

warm up with the bar alone up to 405 for a double. Everything from 135-405 I hit for about 5-7 reps.

Then up from 405 it was 455 x2 then up to 480.

At 480 it was 7 sets x 2 reps with at least a 5 minute break between sets. For this type of training take a good break just don't take forever.

After the 480, it was down to 355 for close grips for 3 sets of 12.

When I'm thru with everything, I really stretch out, I love using the resistence bands as well as massaging the area that connects the chest and your arm pit. To massage that area, I get the head of a barbell and lay down and roll it back in forth across that area, its perfect for rubbing out knots and breaking up scar tissue.