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In the post holiday I season I found my local supermarket is trying to move their frozen shrimp inventory. I used it as a good opportunity stock to stock up in order to vary the protein in my diet.

In the frozen seafood section, 2-pound bags of extra large shrimp (31-40 per pound) were going for 2 bags for $16. According to the nutritional info on the bag, 3 oz of shrimp have 15 grams of protein. Eleven normal sized servings per bag, more like 5.5 for me.

By my math (which is not my strong point), it looks like I’m getting about 30 grams of protein for about $1.45.

Made a shrimp boil tonight with Bays seasoning, frozen vegetables and olive oil.

I wish Shrimp were that cheap around here.

I was getting shrimp for that price a few years ago, and started eating a pound a day. After a month or so I developed a shrimp allergy.

Shrimp are a favorite for easy and healthy frozen food. I definitely can’t do them too often though; it’s easy to get over them.

I buy bags of shrimps and scallops. A little olive oil and garlic and they taste great.

[quote]El_Animal wrote:
I wish Shrimp were that cheap around here.[/quote]

Check, they might be on sale in Cali too.