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Baffled Lack of Six Pack


Not to seem new to the workout community but this problem has been harassing me for years now.
I have been working out with great results for a good 4 years. I train hard everyday for about 2 hours and always dedicate a nice portion of my workout to my abs. However, 4 years of working out have still yet to produce me a six pack. To give some background on my body type: I'm 6'2 and only weigh 155 lbs. I've had many reliable people watch me perform my abs routine (which I frequently update to reduce muscle memory) and all agree I am perfect in form. I have tried performing several advanced ab workout techniques. Yet 4 years later I still remain sex-pack less... Can anybody help me solve this??


Please tell me you're kidding?



Really bad troll job. "I'm 6'2" and weigh 155lbs and trained for 4 years and don't have abs".

I'm calling bullshit.

LOL just nocticed the last part of the troll's last sentence "still SEX-pack less".


6'2 @ 155? I'm 6'2 @ 190 and decently skinny... I can't imagine 150..

Anyways.. i would probably place the blame on your diet. Maybe your not eating enough to gain muscle.. What's your diet like?


trolls can't get sex-packs.


The problem is that you too many ribs. You will need to have at least one, maybe two removed as they are hampering your range of motion.


Maybe you should try vomiting.


You have to build a six-pack to have a six-pack. Four years of lifting and what do you have, 12 inch arms. Maybe you just need to get on an eating program and for the time being, the only six pack you should see would be one you buy on Saturday night.


To the OP, I mean troll... Ya know if ya go to the gym and just ride a bike that doesn't actually count towards going to the gym right ?


As I was about to move on and get back to work I couldn't resist. You've trained for 4 years and supposedly had reliable people around you and not a single one has asked you why the hell your pushing weight for 2 hours straight ? The next part while skimming thru your post, physically speaking if your 6'2 and have been working out with any intensity at all for 4 years you'd be getting sick if you were not pushing yourself, which would evolve to you weighing more than 155lbs. Next, you change your ab routines to reduce muscle memory....but muscle memory has nothing to do with this. Your supposed to change your routine to provide different neuro stimulus where as to break thru a plateau, which if your reliable sources knew anything they would tell you to lift harder overall, eat more food, and lose body fat. The reason being is because no matter how little you work your abdominal's you will always have faint, but still visible definition if your bodyfat is low enough.

Myself and I'm sure several other people on here as well will tell you that if you do Big 4 heavy and intense you'll get core defintion, even if it is minor with very little actual "ab-exercises" done.

If you want help, repost your workout in full and what your eating and people will stop blowing your ass up like Hiroshima.


First off I'd like to take a moment and say with the exception of LjSimpson08 and a few others maybe you guys should pull your heads out of your asses and you'd be a little more helpful. Yes I am 6'2 and weigh 153 pounds. Yes I have been lifting for 4 years. When I began I immediately packed on 15 pounds of muscle. I came with a serious post for serious answers and if you don't have one shut the hell up, your comments aren't welcome not to mention kind of lame. I appreciate those who have been kind enough to respond helpfully.

In terms of my workout: For the most part I break up my week as follows:
Mon - Chest Bench Press Inc/Reg/Decline Chest Fly (Sometimes Cables) Tues - Back Pull-ups, T-Bar, Bar Pulldown, Cable Rows, Lumbar Extensions Wed - Legs Squats, Lunges, Leg Press, Plyometrics, Calf Raises Thurs - Shoulders Military Press, Deltoid Raise, Lateral Dumbell Raise, Shrugs Fri - Arms Curls, Preacher Curls, Cable Curls, Hammer Curls, Tri Dip, Skull crushers, Press Down

I try to do about 15-25 mins of abs per day which can include: Sit Ups, Crunches, Reverse Crunches, Bicycles, Leg Lifts, Swiss Ball Crunch, Accordion Crunch etc.

I think I should be a little clearer on my problem though. I have good abs. Their is definitely a nice core and from afar or when I flex I have the six-pack I am looking for. However, standing normally at a reasonable distance my abs don't have the solid definition I am looking for.

I have varied up my diet several times to see if one would help me gain weight, however, none have really helped me put on any significant weight. I do take whey protein 1-2 times a day but it seems as if my entire family is very skinny.


What do you eat on a daily basis? Post that as well. Obviously the "what" will change on a given day, but just post what an average day would look like for you.



There's no way you weigh 155 pounds or whatever, and, used to weigh 140???
That's literally anorexic...

For firsts, you will never get a six pack without eating... have you noticed those little anorexic 80 pounds girls having six packs.... NO!!!
You have a better chance getting a 6 pack eating Macdonalds every meal, then, eating nothing, so, EAT first

It shouldnt matter what the fuck your eating, you need to EAT, I'm suprised your not dead by now.



Having that six pack has less to do with knocking out an ungodly number of ab exercises every day than it does in having a low enough bodyfat %. That said, I would skip worrying about a six pack right now and concentrate on adding, say, 60 pounds or more to your frame.


When I started I weighed 150@6'3. It took me 18 years to realize that no one cares about your abs if they can see your ribs. Squats and milk until you weigh at least 225 then start worrying about your "sex-pack".


The real answer is fuck load of cardio and dieting down. If you really I mean REALLY want your hawt abz.


I would agree on the whole "eat more" thing, but I really think that what you need the most is a basic and solid education on training and nutrition (this site is loaded with articles on those matters) to get things going.

In a nut shell, a visible six pack (much like any other muscle) comes from having some volume on the muscle and a fairly low body fat percentage. Since you are 6" 2 and 155lb I wold guess your body fat cant be too high so what you need is to put on some size. Now, you would need to put on size everywhere since I dont think its possible to add volume only to your abs. This is where a proper diet with enough calories comes to play

As far as training your abs everyday, I think most of the guys here could tell you it's not optimal just like training your chest everyday wouldnt be optimal beacuse you need to let the muscle rest for it to grow. Overtraining for a long time only leads to muscle loss.

Lastly, be aware that people on this forum HATE people who want to look like Brad Pitt and do lots of cardio a abdominal work (also, try not to use those two terms) and a thread by a new poster about wanting a six pack makes them go berserk . Im not saying this to excuse bad attitudes, I'm just saying thats the way it is. IMO, your goals are your own and if you want a six pack go for it. Im sure you'll find lots of helpful articles on this site about building a six pack, although this site is primarily about something else entirely...

Good luck


squats and deadlifts and 4000 calories a day from healthy, whole foods. that will fix you up.


Things to do list:
1. Spend a few hours (yes, I literally mean hours) checking out the sticky posts at the top of the beginners forum and all links contained therein
2. Jump onto a full body, 3 x week program consisting mainly of compound exercises (look up Starting Strength by Mark Ripptoe)
3. Eat AT LEAST 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight. So for you, that'll be 155g of protein every day. Keep adjusting this as your body weight increases.
4. Eat more clean food in general. I know people will disagree with this, but make the majority of your food whole clean, but throw in stuff you like too (assuming you don't already have a love of clean whole food). I eat decent, home cooked (by myself), healthy food the majority of the time, but if I fancy a pizza one night, then dammit I'm going to have a pizza.

At 6' 2 and 155lbs, you're underweight. There's no two ways about it. Concentrate on putting on muscle and, like the others have said, worry about a 6-pack when you've got some size.

Either that, or post the question on BodyBuilding.com.


What the fuck is an ab?