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Baffled Body for Life Reader

Ok guys if any of you have read Body for Life by Bill Phillips, you should be familiar with the front and back inside covers where every person shows the “before” and “after” pictures. My questions is alot of those people turn from fat ass to ripped ass in just a matter of 12 weeks. I understand alot of this stuff is possible in 12 weeks, but these pictures are exaggerrating, i mean those results take years to do. Does anyone agree with me? Is there any explanation to this? I kind of think those pictures are a bunch of BS. If thats what can be done in 12 weeks, then the majority of us should quit weightlifting cause those results are unbelievable. I dont think any of them used anabolics either, so whats the deal?

I think those people made legitmate changes, but alot can be done with shaving, a tan and the right posing and photography. Look at the pics in issue 105 of T-mag. They’re in the Dawg School column. They were taken 5 minutes apart.

The pictures are legitamite but heres the deal from what I’ve herd from a certain EAS rep. The pictures are taken aproximately 6 months apart. See first you take a picture then 12 weeks later you take another picture and send it in if your selected they require you to take pictures up until the day of the contest. So the pictures you see my be up to 6 months later. Also they use lighting tricks, shaving and tanning. And who told you they don’t use Anabolic Steroids (I sure not all of them do)???

You can get results like that in 12 seconds if you want. Take the first picture with bad posture and sticking out you gut and stand in bad light. Then flex and pose, maybe put on a little fake tan and stand in good light with a big smile on your face and WOW! what a transition. Body for life is a load of crap. Good for beginners, usless for the enthusiest.

Have you ever seen anyone make a dramatic change like that in 12 weeks? No way. I agree on the lighting, tanning, other tricks with the camera but it is very easy to go eat like fat pig get a bloaty stomach and then starve yourself to death, take some diuretics, steroids etc. and then get a good pump before you take the pictures. A lot of the women who are in this contest take their pictures right after they are pregnant (stomach is a dead giveaway) and it is pretty easy to make a dramatic change after a pregnancy with a decent diet and workout.

Another point to consider is that 750,000 people have completed (not just attempted) this program. As a trainer I have had several clients lose 30 lbs of bodyfat and put on 5 lbs of muscle in 4 weeks, but these were extreme cases. If you were to take my 10 clients out of 500 or so that lost 30 lbs in one month, change the number of clients to 750,000, and change the length to 12 weeks youd get similar results. BFL isnt any miracle of a program, its a miracle of advertising and motivation.

I can say from personal experience that the 12 week program of BFL does work. I went on that program in the spring of 99 and in the first month I lost 25lbs and my bodyfat dropped from 15% to 10% in that month. So I say to you with determination and proper diet you can do it too.

Maybe if you pudknockers would start using my new and improved, super duper HMB-HP+Deluxe formula, you would start seeing similar results! Anyhow, gotta go deliver a $100,000,000 dollar check to the Make-A-Wish Foundation–tell the pilot to get the jet ready!!!

My two favorite “before and after” pictures are the ones of Marla Duncan (like she was ever a fat pig, she looks pregnant) and of Bill Phillips, remember those? he has no excuse for the moustache

Rich you loss 25 lbs and 5% bodyfat in the same month. It sound like you loss some muscle in the process. Unless you were very heavy.