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Badr Hari KO's Semmy Schilt


Damn,Hari chopped down the tree. Semmy didn't have anything for Hari except size(barely). Kudos for Hari for keeping the pressure on Schilt. Semmy tried to play Hari's game....and failed.

It's Showtime - Amsterdam Arena HQ...May 16,2009


God Hari swung like he fucking hated Schilt. Not the first big white guy he's demolished.


Anger issues.


I think it's safe to say he doesn't like Golden Glory fighters.


I think you're both right. He's a maniac.
Yet still, the smaller guy (however stupid that sounds when speaking of K1 fighters) always has to press the attack and more so when he's fighting Schilt.
When this giant gets comfortable with rythm and distance he's like a wall. Attacking aggressively early on isn't the worst strategy.

I can't think of an Overeem rematch not resulting in a spectacular KO.


yea he'll decimate overeem in a rematch...


I'd bet so, too.

On the other hand, a disqualification in favour of Overeem doesn't seem particularly unrealistic.

[i] Overeem is down, Hari follows?! What's he doing down there, he's in some weird kind of north south position?! The tiny japanes referee tries to seperate them, to no avail. Oh no, now Hari is biting Overeem's crotch!! [/i]


lol...as crazy as that sounds..it's not far-fetched when talking about Hari.


Hari is one crazy motherfucker. Until recently, I really couldn't stand the guy. But, damn, he got balls, and you couldn't help but appreciate his intensity and talent.


yeah badr hari definately one of my favourite fighters..ive always liked him..his attitude everythin..he's the man lol


Schilt doesn't do so hot when he doesn't have the safe cocoon on K-1 rules wrapped around him. Ignashov fucking nuking his face off in Showtime a few years ago was just as epic. I sure wish Iggy wouldn't have panned out to be a raging alcoholic, he could be the best SHW kickboxer in the world, bar none.


I totally agree about Ignashov. The Red Scorpion was an animal. There was always something about his record that stood out.....he's never been KO'd. All his losses were by decision...and one injury TKO.


elaborate on "safe cocoon k-1 rules" please. serious question.