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Badminton For Speed?


Quick thought what are coaches thought of using Badminton for speed training? Just a thought. Did you guys know that those things go at the rate on 200mph?

I would think that speed work and footwork can carry over to other sports. Such as martial arts, football, basketball etc... Jet Li plays Badminton for his speed work.

What are your thoughts?


I jack off for grip work.

Just doing something and doing something hard and doing something fast and doing something well reaps benefits.

go play badminton.


I was actually looking for a more serious inqure.



i reread that over 3 times and laughed harder each time


Hey fitone,

I had never seen badminton played in competition,until this weekend there was a preview on the American Olympic Team.

I had no idea that little birdie could do 200 mph,talk about eye-hand-body coordination.

In my opinion, I think it would be useful for all the sports you mentioned. It really takes some athleticism.

The only problem I see is trying to find players that are top notch to learn and practice with. As practicing with family members at a bar-b-que might not be exactly "real" competition.

Either way after seeing this in olympics, badminton will be played a whole different way our next family get together. All I can say is "Granma this time you are going down"!!!


I used to play badminton at Uni, but didn't develop until I started playing in the company 'badminton evening'.

Basically I found it to be great for building speed. Singles are a great cardio workout and doubles are best for speed development. Your wrists, forearms and shoulders get a great workout!


Dunno about badmitton.

Play squash for an ass-whupping workout. I have never been more wiped out than playing squash for a half-hour.


I took a badminton class in college and could not believe how great a workout the competitive version of the game is. The problem, as someone else noted, is finding a competitive badminton game!