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Baddest Motherf_cker on earth

Christopher Clugston, no doubt

"At this point he is kinda “washed up”. "

-Yeah, because he took fights against opponents much bigger than him and took a ton of abuse, even though he beat most of them.

Saku is a really small guy, he’s not a BIG light-heavy like Ortiz or Liddell or Silva, guys who could easily bulk up to HVWT.

But Saku’s a pro wrestler to begin with, so you know he’s a little wacked in the head…

Woody Allen


jet li.

Pound for pound there isnt a badder mofo.

Pound for pound I’d have to go with an army ant, they can lift over 10 times thier own body weight and they bite damn hard!


You guys over looked this one!!

"jet li.

Pound for pound there isnt a badder mofo."

i hope you’re kidding.

lee murray

I haven’t followed MMA for years, but soemone who was the best pound for pound in my opinion was Frank Shamrock. Any one agree?



I second Richard Simmons.

Plus he gets all the “fat-chick pussy” he wants.