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Baddest Motherf_cker on earth

I’m curious among the few mma guys around here, who do you think are the top pound for pound fighters in the world? My top five would probably be:

5 Emelianenko Fedor
4 Duane Ludwig
3 Vitor Belfort
2 Minotauro Nogueira
1 Vanderlei Silva

Thats a pretty good list. I’d put Quinton Jackson, BJ Penn and Randy Couture somewhere on there though.

I’m the baddest fucker on earth.

In addition to the ones mentioned.
Here are some more bad mf’s

Chuck Lidell
Cro Cop

I see you like Brazilians.

StevenF is probably the toughest guy I ever new personally.

Though he’s past his prime Royce has got to be in consideration.

I am sorry but I have you all beat…


Screw you dude, Steven MOTHERFUCKIN’ Segal, beatch!

Can we have some Sakuraba love please? That guy only tapped out every Gracie, and fought a much larger opponent in Silva 3 times, even tho he got whipped all 3 times. That’s tough, taking a fight when you know you’re gonna be in some pain.

I like Silva, but until he beats a top hvw’t I still won’t be convinced.

thanks ZEB. :wink:

Sakuraba hasn’t tapped out every Gracie. He won a decision over Ryan Gracie. He got a Kimura on Renzo Gracie but the ref stopped the fight and Renzo did not tap. He beat Rocye when Royce’s corner threw in the towel. He beat Royler by a kumura but he also did not tap and the ref jumped in to stop the fight.

Also in Sakuraba’s last 9 fights he has 6 losses. One of his wins was against a tomato can named Gil Arsene who doesn’t even belong in amateur MMA.

Sakuraba destroyed every Gracie he ever faced. He may not have subbed them but anyone can see that he outclassed all of em.

MolsonMan, were you reading the posts on greatest athletes? Cuz you sound like the guy who was constantly knocking Rocky Marciano :slight_smile:

Good save, FFL

No I was not on the other post that you mention.

Sakuraba is a good fighter but I would not consider him one of the greats. Beating a Gracie these days usually doesn’t mean a whole lot. Not to say the Gracie’s do not have good fighters, I’m just saying that there is not a single Gracie in the top 10 of any weight class. Maybe not even the top 30.

No offense but if you dont think Sakuraba is one of the greats then you are either extremely biased or dont really know much about MMA.

Besides all the Gracies he destroyed. He also beat Quinton Jackson, Guy Metzger, Carlos Newton, Vitor Belfort, Vernon White, and Kevin Randleman.

Are you gonna tell me these arent quality fighters?

Sakurba is withoug question one of the best MMA in the world at that weight class!

I agree that he is really good but I don’t think he is the best.

Lol at me not knowing much about mma. I’ve been a fan since day one and I train.

what about Gary Coleman??

let me clarify.
He is no longer “the best” but he as far as “all time greats” he is among them.

At this point he is kinda “washed up”.