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Baddest DOMS ever?

Hey guys, when did you get your baddest doms?
I pre-exhausted my pecs and blasted them away with some negatives on monday and got an ART treatment the day after. Touching my pecs makes me shiver today;)

The first time I did the Luke Sauder routine, I literally thought I had torn both my calves and could not go to school for 2 days. On top of that, I had to slowly stretch out my calves for a good 5 minutes before I could even take one step.

Yep. Luke Sauder takes the prize for me as well. Pain (severe pain, once-in-a-lifetime pain) stayed with me for six days after I tried it for the first time.

Can you guys point me in the direction of this calf program…? Worst DOMS, when I discovered squats… man that felt good!

The Luke Sauder routine is in T-mag 1, it’s a poliquin thing, yeah, that was definitely my worst too, I couldn’t plant my feet for 4 days

NOWW!!! I’m in so much friggin pain right now! My calves feel like they have been mauled by underfed crazed pitbulls. They exercise responsible? Jump rope!

Mark, it’s in the very first issue of T-Mag.

I’d have to say GVT 10 sets of 10
for deep dumbell squats with heels on plates.
It took me like 20 seconds to go down one step
on a flight of stairs!

Once did a set of 100 squats, had to cancel my football match 5 days later cos I couldn’t walk properly, let alone run!! Still felt the pain after 8-9 days!!

My baddest doms was with Jerry Telle’s dumbell bench press fly-aways. Can’t remember what issue it was in though.

Um, right now. I just started GVT and I’ve never done high volume training before. It hurts to laugh, it hurts to walk, it hurts to roll over. Steps are out of the question. At least the pain reminds me to eat my protein. I’m nothing but a pain ball right now.