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Badass Orchestra Music


After seeing the preview for "9", I found myself getting fairly pumped up from the soundtrack.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnoJecu9e7c (Music 48 seconds in)

Does anyone know of any songs that are similar?


You might like more Coheed and Cambria then.

The only other CD that jumps to mind is the Metallica S&M album.


two steps from hell is probably the best but its tough to get their music... go to their website and you see they do like every movie. Protectors of the earth is the best: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlL_-5VfQJI

the 300 violin orchestra is also awesome by Jorge Quintero: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shDNaFhPiJY

clint mansell stuff is cool too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKLpJtvzlEI

not sure if this is what your looking for its a little more Orchestra than the nine stuff but really pumps me up.


Bathory (the original viking metallers) playing Hammerheart. It's basically Jupiter from Holst's Planets but even more epic. Give it a listen and then check out the rest of the planets, Mars has been used on so many soundtracks.


lol, bad ass orchestra music? It sounds like a guitar, bass, drums and possibly keyboard. There could be some other things in there, but I doubt it.

Anyway, a serious response. I'm sure that track was written specifically for the trailer. Obviously since it was an instrumental written with a certain dramatic purpose in mind you won't find must store bought music that has that same exact feel.

If you're interested in something that has many of the same elements as that, and roughly has the same feel, you'll probably do best to look into various sorts of (modern) power and progressive metal. Kamelot especially comes to mind. (Old) Nightwish comes to mind too. If you do a youtube search for either of these bands you'll get lots of similar ones as well.


Yes, S&M comes to mind.


Those are certainly cool. If zbelair is right and an actual orchestra is too much for the OP, here are some youtube video's of what I mentioned above.

Kamelot -- Ghost Opera

Kamelot -- Rule the World


Nightwish -- Nemo


Another good one from Kamelot:


I knew from the beggining it would suck and it did


There is the full song.

Like someone said previously, it's Coheed and Cambria.


Well yeah, but it's a cover of an orchestral track and it's pretty bad ass. As I said its a cover of Holst's Jupiter.


I wish someone would do something with this;


You're right in that it's not orchestral music, but you're wrong in doubting that there are other "things" in there.

No. It wasn't written for the trailer, nor is it an instrumental.


No, it's not.


i dont know if youèll like this because its less rockish and more sounds like its from the matrix, but rob douganès 7min version of clubbed to death is pretty cool i think, nice climaxing and whatnot, anyway, heres the link if interested


Ah, I was wrong on a few points, certainly not the first time.

After listening to the whole song, I'd definitely recommend something like Kamelot. The same feel, sorrta, but better.






listen from 3:20


Yeah, it's still not a cover.


awesome, Holst that is, also noticed how much the conan soundtrack(which I love) seems to have been influenced by(or taken from) Jupiter