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Badass Gyms in SF and... Hallowed


I'll be there next week, for 5 days.

I was wondering if any of the members residing in SF could recommend a gym where I can go cause havoc.

I need chains, bands, a deadlift platform, Power rack, Leg press and Hack squat machine, the heaviest dumbells I can carry for my farmer walks and press too, a ghr machine, olympic barbells, maybe tyres...

I've used SOMA's Gold gym last year, it was all right but this time I'd like to check out something new.

Hallowed, if you're reading this, I like the look of your gym. Fancy meeting up for a kickass, sweaty and hardcore training session with the Dark Ninja next week? :slight_smile:

Any other Tvixen living in SF is welcome to join us :slight_smile:


Let me be the first to ask for pictures of you and Hallowed.


Eheheh. Good idea. :slight_smile:

We can even film the whole workout. That'd be fun :slight_smile:




Don't forget to include the showers and all that.





I wonder if I can just ask stuff and you will accept to do all of them.

Spot her when squatting and moan very hard when she's doing the negative.



And the call out...





Waddya mean?


I'm actually turning this thread into SAMA material...


Yes, you are :slight_smile:


I'll continue.

Deadlift with those clothes you're wearing in your avatar.


I'll spot you on dead lifts if you ever make it to PA.


I'm totally into it but I'm down in san jose... forty minute drive. I think you'd be into the parkmoor/location used to be a real BB gym owned by a BBer I can't remember. If you wanna come down for an evening or weekend training sess I'm totally in! If not I can try to get up there to meet you but not during the workdayys.


No vixen here, but all 188 cm of me work out at World Gym (16th & De Haro).

What you'll find:

  • DBs to 200# in 5# increments.
  • 3 new cages / platforms, with pins for bands. No chains or bands supplied, but you can bring your own, and a couple of guys do.
  • Squat rack.
  • Ivanko steel plates (2.5# - 45#), York bumper plates from 10# to 45#.
  • There's a highly knurled axle bar one of the guys (John) brings in in the back right corner by the cages, if you're into that.
  • Horse mats over the entire floor. I generally pull from the floor for deads, there are bar jacks. Or you can pull from pins in the cages (but no steel plates on the lifting platforms)
  • GHR, hack squat, sissy squat bench, and a number of leg press variants.
  • Lots of chinning bars (8). Including for short folk :wink:
  • 3 plywood boxes of varying hights, as well as jump stands.

No tires, sorry.

Other than Golds and World, there's Valencia Street Muscle (I haven't gone there yet), and Jim Shulz's Physique Manifique in South San Francisco (Olympic lifting -- heard of 'em but haven't been there either).


I'd be happy to meet you while you're here. PM. Hallowed too.




Cool :slight_smile: I won't mind coming down for an evening. Let's do this!

I'll PM you :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks for the links :slight_smile:

And I think I'll stop by your gym too. Must be fun training there.