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Bad Workouts, Still Useful ?


You know those days ,when you're tired and not only you can't do your usual set of reps/lifts but you also do less than usual (not because of lazyness,but because you're truly tired)

Are these days still useful for muscle growth or is it just a waste of time ?


if you're truthfully and seriously that tired, you shouldn't be in the gym at all and should be sleeping.


If you're really that tired, and not just feeling lazy, you should take the day off, and possibly re-evaluate your routine.


It will hurt you in the long run, because if you have already trouble regenerating for whatever reason, exhausting your body even more won't do any good

Although there are training concepts of so called controlled overtraining, these are quite advanced and should only be applied by experienced athletes.

I agree with the posters above, if you are really feeling tired you should rather take a day off.


This is not happening often,but it does happen sometimes.
So I don't think it's overtraining.


Yeah if your diet is in check still.


on days i just cant get into it and feel like really really off ill just do more accessory work like rotators and abs and maybe some arms, and not sweat the big compounds, maybe do some stretching in my hams for a while for a deeper squat the next day


maybe row for a few km or do mobility stuff, make the day kinda of an active recovery day, cause those require less focus and intensity anyways


If you feel like that it's a good sign your body wants a light or deload type of day.