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Bad Way to Overhead Press

Turns out a straight line is definitely the shortest distance between two points, but can also be the most painful. I found this out yesterday when I tried to push press a barbell through the bottom of my chin.

I was on the last rep of my last set of overhead press and I just ran out of gas. Instead of racking the weight my stubborn ass decided I would just push press it for the last rep. Apparently my head wasn’t prepared for the increase in speed and didn’t get out of the way.

I sent the barbell smashing into my chin so hard I almost dropped the weight. I managed to regain control and finish the set. Today I have a nice bruise and a sore jaw to show for it. Has anybody else done anything this retarded or am I the only one???

yes, but way back when i first started OH pressing. hurt like a bitch and nearly took off the tip of my tongue. Learned to get my face out of the way pretty quick after that one lol.

the sad part is I’ve been doing it for a good while! It was going from the slower paced overhead to the explosive push press that got me.

Watched a fat girl do this once.


I usually fuck up my power clean warmups. With the lighter weight, the bar flies into my chin and I have to control it lest I KO myself.

Have done it.

Had it come down on my head…good stuff

yup its happened to me. you learn quickly after lol