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Bad Underarm Sweat


No matter how much, or what type of deoderant i try, i just sweat all the time. I clean my pits really well in the shower, but nothing seems to stop the sweating. And its not my whole body, just my underarms. can anyone give me some advice or tips on how to reduce or get rid of the sweating






I thought aluminum in things like deodorant was considered unhealthy?


Certain-Dri really helped me. Mine was too the point where I hated going out.



i dont want to play the semantics game with you but instead of deoderant have you tried antiperspirant?


yea ive heard that its really good, but i can never find it any store near here


yea thats what i meant. my apologies


alright here are some things.
Certain Dri as DOHcrazy said is the strongest deoderant/antiperspirant
Cruise the deoderant/antiperspirant aisle and find the product with the highest amount of aluminum chloride but it may cause skin irritation.
Another solution is to use a strong deoderant/antiperspirant but also apply talcum powder along with it. Talcum reduces sweating.

Good luck


There's some prescription stuff you can get called Hypercare that works wonders. I don't sweat a damn bit when I use it.


How much caffeine are you taking in?

It can be 30 below outside (that's Fahrenheit for the worldly types) and I'll sweat if I drink a cup of coffee.


so i may get some heat for this but i use to have that problem too then i started using womens deodorant and now i dont have the problem anymore. it works wonders.


Had the same problem for years. Nothing worked until I did my Botox. Not a single drop of sweat in 2 years now. Highly recommended, if you can afford it - about 500 bucks a year.


I sweat a lot, and I have to say that shaving my armpits really reduced the amount of perspiration.


Have the same problem buddy.Fuckin sucks ass.


as we can see here, it is a human condition


Anything clinical strength


The second I get out of the shower and throw a tee shirt on, my pit-stain journey begins.

Antiperspirants work okay but Certain Dry (or is spelled "Dri"?) is by far the best.


As waylander said, shaving your pits is the way to go. It won't stop you sweating but it's really help with the smell as the odour has nothing to 'cling' to, as it were.


x3, but you look like a queer at the local swimming pool.

That doesn't bother me, because my wife is hot. You may want to evaluate your situation before you shave up the pits though.