Bad TRT Acne, Any Treatment?

My TRT is very successful, but I am now experiencing a good bit of acne on my forehead. I don’t consider it severe, but its noticeable. The acne is not just little “ant bite” type of acne, but they are deep, cystic, and nodular in nature, leaving big mounds on my forehead.

I have been to a dermatologist and we have tried every acne medicine pretty much available. All kinds of creams, antibiotics The only thing I haven’t tried yet is accutane, because it is 400 per month, plus blood tests, plus doctor appointments.

Is there anything that I can possibly do aside from accutane which I cannot afford?

I got zits from HRT and freaked me out because Ive never had body zits even as a teenager…they come and go a little, but my doctor put me on Bioton 8mg day I think, plus told me to get sun…sure as sh$t a few weeks on Biotin and going for walks in the sun on weekends getting a tan going, most of the zits were gone…dont know who else it will work for, but worked for me to some degree…I also buy the zit soap stuff at the store and try to use it on my shoulders and back in the shower.

I had some issues with my skin, but that is now rare. So these effects can sometimes be transient. I find that a drop of liquid anti-biotic can fix a zit most of the time. But, the only rule is that there are no rules.