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Bad Trips on Pot


DO you guys have any personal BAD experiences/ stories with Marijuana? I'd love to hear them


It happens. Any drug that alter cognitive thought without dumbing it down has the possibility to trigger anxiety.

Weed is pretty nonintense at regular doses, but it can get there with a spike.


Nope never on pot,

Happened only once before while mixing other stuffs and thought everyone was watching me in the street on my way home (which might have been the case as my roomy, when she saw me arrive just said "Alex, go to bed"; I was like "whyyy?")


It's thread titles that give marijuana a bad name. You just can't have a bad "trip" smoking weed. This is something that generally only happens with severely inexperienced smokers eating too much food with pot in it.

I will say, though, my old roommate is a big pussy when he smokes. He gets creeped out when he takes a shower or lies in bed by himself at night when he's high. I don't understand it... it makes me see things for what they really are.


I would smoke pot in my car at night while parked in my driveway. Any time I thought I saw something move in my rearview mirror I would freak out. Often it was just something as simple as the reflection from the screen of my ipod moving that would get me. It sucked.


Simply because a drug does not have a certain effect on you, doesn't mean that the drug can not have that effect on anyone.


Yeah, but I don't want to talk about it.




Who has "bad trips" on weed? Some motherfuckers get paranoid and that's about it. Also, speaking with the police stoned isn't fun either.. or teachers.. or parents.. or employers.. or airport security


I think everyone who smokes pot eventually has a bad experience of one kind or another, whether it's paranoia, or just an upset stomach from eating too many Hostess cupcakes.

But calling it a bad trip is pretty misleading. I've seen real "trips" go bad, and I can't imagine any way marijuana could do that to someone.





I think everyone who drinks (and gets drunk) has a bad experience of one kind or another, too.


Absolutely... I could probably fill up a thread... I used to be a real idiot.

Any kind of intoxicant can lead to a bad experience, you just have to be a responsible user.


I keep running out, what the fuck's with that!


Right. The word trip is misleading as hell though. There is no 'magical journey' when smoking. You get hungry, laugh at horrible movies, and fall asleep.

I will say once in a while when I'm driving high at night I'll think random road markers are deer eyes, though.


FALSE No one EVER has a bad "trip" on weed.
only bad trip there is, when you walk to the fridge to find your brownies are gone

or you have no milk to go with the dark chocolate yummy tasties on top the fridge.
so you gotta put some water on them bitches.

or maybe when you go to hits a bowl and its cashed and you reach in and find nothing but stems in your sack. Thats a nightmare

but weed makes you happpy,Hungry,Sleepy and nothing more.

now damnit if you excuse me I have to put some water on my brownies.



<3 Tripping, i hate all the amph's and smoke n shit but tripping is my baby at least once a month myself and the g/f go tripping.

Just cant beat it, Hoffman's really do some wonderfull things to your head :smiley:

But i agree, i have seen people have bad "trips" but you CANNOT trip off Marijuana maybe hallicinate a small bit but not trip


That's completely false. I've never had a "trip" on weed, but it's definitely done much more than that. In fact, I was sitting here stoned one night and I realized one of the main effects of weed on me finally. I wrote it down right then so that I wouldn't forget.

"Weed just takes the ?stopping point? or natural block/duller of our senses off. Naturally, our senses are capable of recruiting so much more emotion, but it is suppressed when we are in our normal mode. Weed removes the dullers, generally ?relaxing? everything and the senses can pick up much more information than before."


I can never find my keys


I'm not sure if it counts, but drinking and smoking gives me the spins and that is possibly the worst experience I've ever had.