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Bad Timing

At the gym, I tend to stay focused on my routine and don’t spend much time talking (other than the occasional grunt). I had just gotten through an especially gruelling leg routine and was fighting my best to keep the contents of my stomach in check when someone starts talking to me from behind.

I turn around and it is a very striking woman starting up a conversation with me (this has never happened before ever in all the time that I’ve been going to the gym). But I am so focused on my gut that I can only hear half of what she is saying. She pauses as though waiting for some kind of response and I mutter something that I can’t even remember the context of. She gives me a puzzled look and promptly walks away. My only consolation is that it was only nonsense that came out of my mouth and not the contents of my stomach. Arrgghh!

It’s happen a few times to me… The 1st time I went up to the woman after my work out and I was showered and wiped the puke off my sneekers. ( Kidding)
I explained I was very into the work-out and I need to keep going… She understood and we agreed to meet for lunch the next day!
So next time you see her, just start talking… See what happens.


That sucks ass!! I had a similiar situation about six years ago. But it wasn’t puke, I had a bout of the Hershey Squirts!!

I was on a second date and we both decided let’s go to the gym. I know real original Sancho!! Anyways, I start to feel that rumble in my stomach, the cold sweat run down the side of my face, and that butt-puckering starting. All at the same time my date is asking me about a certain exercise. Now it is really hard to try and keep a straight face when nature is not calling, but yelling!! I don’t know what I said, all I know is that I did the bathroom shuffle for what seemed like an eternity to the john.

Later my date was wondering if she had offended me or what, cuz I was real quiet. I explained the situation, but just like a guy I gave a little to much information. She appreciated my honesty, just didn’t want to know the details. Well as it turns out my date became my wife eventually!

Next time you see this woman let her know, you just weren’t feeling good when she asked a question. You never know where your next conversation will take you.

Wombat, that sounds like something that would happen to me! That sucks.