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Bad Technique= Too Much Weight?

I recently switched up my workout program to incorporated weighted pull ups. I am currently doing Chad Waterbury’s Huge in a Hurry workouts and he calls for a weight that I am able to 4-6 good reps with for a total of 25 reps in the end. I did 5 decent ones for the first set, but then it became so hard that I could not get the last 5-10 reps without bad form (chin not all the way over).
Do you guys think I should go down in weight or stay the same? I forgot to mention it was like 100 degrees in my garage last week, so I was a little low on energy.

I personally wouldn’t go below 6 reps on an exercise like pullups.

And on a sidenote, I don’t believe getting your chin over the bar is necessary.

It is 64 degrees outside right now, so do you think I should try the same weight to see if it goes up easier than last week? the high temperature might have been getting to me last week.

Yes, try the same weight with the lower temperature. It should be easier on you, but if you still have problems cut back the weight by 10% or 10 lbs, whichever is lower.

I don’t think the temp cut 20 reps off your workout.

A “proper” pull-up is actually chest-to-bar, not chin-to-bar. But when fatigue sets in, just go as high as you can. It shouldn’t matter TOO much as long as your chin is getting pretty close to the bar, since the muscles are firing all the same.

And don’t forget, Huge in a Hurry calls for “Speed reps”. You have to do the workouts as fast as possible WITH good form. As soon as your form goes bad, you have to stop and/or lower the weight.