Bad tasting MRP

This isn’t company bashing, although it looks like it, I just need some help.

I bought some AST Nytro Pro in Chocolate flavour, because there was no Grow! available at Cyberflex, and it was on a special offer. Problem is, I don’t like the taste that much. It’s bearably but it’s not exactly delicious.

Does anyone have any tricks to make their MRP’s taste better? What do you add? I’m not bothered if it isn’t the most healthy option, but I don’t want to throw it all down the toilet.

hi Nathan, a friend gave me some Isopur whey protein because he couldn’t stomach the vile stuff. i still had a jug of Biotest’s Advanced Protein, so i just did one scoop of each. tasted pretty darn good. one other bit of advice, i was in a rush a while back, so i picked up some Designer Whey at the grocery store. unfortunately it was the “vanilla praline” flavor. avoid this crap like the plague, it brings to mind what fear must taste like. i’m going to have to get some more AP to mix with it.

What I typically due is add other ingredients. Take for instance peanut butter for chocolate MRPs and Protein shakes. Fruit can really make these products taste really good too. MY favorite is some kiwis and manderine oranges or strawberries in vanilla Advanced Pro. I’ve been doing this for a while because (not to hipe biotest)before their products everything else either tasted like poo or was kinda good. Just try adding stuff and this should help.

ARE YOU KIDDING??? You dont like the taste of the Chocolate flavour Ny-tro pro40??? Man that is awesome tasting. Here what i do, add about one glass of skim milk in a blender, about 7-8 ounces and blend it for about 1-2 minutes. It is so think and smooth that i seriously believe if i had the money i would eat it ALL day long.

Toss in a packet of sugar-free pudding. Thickens it up a bit, too.

Only have semi-skimmed milk, so I mixed it with water 70/30, and it tastes a lot better now. It was too thick with just milk, but too bad tasting with just water. I think I’ve got it now.

What I have found to do wonders is add coffee to your shakes. I usually make my coffee with fat free non dairy cream and splenda. Adding this to the shake makes a disgusting shake actually taste good.