Bad T-Bol?

Hey all,

Have been on a test and tbol cycle for the last 7-8 weeks, tbol for the last 4-5 weeks of the cycle. Anyway been using a pretty good ug lab for the tbol until yesterday when I started using up some tbol that I had from last year. Expiry is 2016 but the pills are a bit flakey. Anyway yesterday at about 4 o’clock I felt really weird, skin hurt and joints began to ache like crazy. Got home and had to go bed as I was having trouble standing. Breathing got quite rapid and ran a temp of 103! The same evening I took some paracetamol and got my temp under control but still feel like shit.

Granted this could be me having a virus or something but has anyone come across this with tbol or other orals before? Don’t want a repeat tommorrow or the day after.


I’ve used tbol a couple times and never had that issue. You said they were flakey, what do you mean? Like they may have been exposed to moisture or something?

I’d drop the tbol and see what happens with symptoms. If they go away rapidly, then that may be your culprit - or maybe not.

Yeh like some of them are crumbling etc. I think it may have been a virus that I picked up and it came out yesterday. Feel a lot better today but yeh will probably cut it out. Used tbol loads in the past but never had any issues with it. Been on it for 3 weeks and I’ve been fine.