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Bad Supplement Flashback!

I went into my old workplace yesterday to visit some friends. I worked there when the original EAS Phosphagain came out. I used to work out, then gulp down the phosphagain concoction, and head to work. Stepping inside the old workplace brought me back to that feeling of each time I’m step in that door, I couldn’t get to the shitter quick enough!!!

Now, I can handle the most nasty supplements, but the EAS Phosphagain was totally unbearable! It was the sweetest, most vile tasting shit, that made me gag while drinking it, then by the time I got to the bottom of the blender, I’d be on the toilet to let it all back out.

Anyone else have that experience with Phosphagain? or any other supplements?

Whats funnier, is there is a GNC that is owned by morons, who still have faded can of Phosphagain (the original) still onsale for that rediculous 62 bucks! Thank god for taste innovations in products like Grow!

I managed a GNC for two years, and yesterday was my last day. The stories I could tell you! GNC discontinued the original Phosphagain and it should be marked down considerably-if they’re trying to get the original full retail price for it they truly are morons and greedy morons at that. IMHO it’s not even worth the markdown price. Now EAS has a similar formula, the low-carb creatine transport called Synthevol HP. It really has some pretty good things in it (Lipoic acid, glutamine peptides and arginine in a good dose-this is recommended by Poliquin to increase glycogen stores) but there is no way in Hades that I would pay $60 for a 20 serving container.

ya know, I used to get mild stomach cramps when I took the original Phosphagain years ago…but the Phosphagain 2 doesn’t do that to me. Maybe Bill was using inferior proteins back then to save money? Who knows…but the original Phosphagain vanilla flavor tasted like shit (and even worst, those Phosphagain bars, remember those? They sucked ‘Big Time’!! :wink:

GNC is such a joke! I swear to God, they were still selling a Cybergenics Hardgainer kit! The company went out of business like 5 years ago, and even then the product was shit.

Phosphagain was the nastiest tasting shit, no matter what you put in. They said I believe Grape juice or milk. Terribly sweet stuff! How They sold it for 62 bucks I’ll never know. I was young and stupid, and I saw on the bottle “Lean Mass Stimulator”. Yeah right, throw some creatine in a nasty version of Met-rx.
That stuff went straight from the blender to my ass.

That shit kicked my ass. It has got to be the worst tasting weight gainer ever concocted. The last time I took it (5 years ago) I mixed it with ultimate orange and end up praying to the porcelain god for an hour later. I have yet to try Grow…probably give it a go next month.