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Bad SubQ Injections & Getting Weaker

Hi guys,

I don’t know if it’s my injection technique or the testosterone.
I have been weaker and weaker at the gym for a month now. It concerns any workout. I am tired faster and I can’t lift as much as before. I am also losing body mass.

I wonder if it is because of my injections or the brand I use for my testosterone.

  • I had to buy my testosterone from another lab. The website I use was out of stock.

  • When I do my subQ injection, I always feel a strong resistance. It even squirted twice from the needle and the syringe.

Is it because I don’t inject as well as I did before or would my testosterone be under dosed?

I have been doing IM most of the time I have been on TRT, I tried SubQ and became very tired and weak, switched back to IM and just feel best on IM injections. Some men get lower E2 on SubQ, some men see E2 higher on SubQ, I get tired and weak when E2 is higher and have more energy when lower.

SubQ isn’t for everyone, in fact I hear most men don’t like it much compared to IM.

Forgive me if I’m assuming too much here, but it sounds like you are self medicating using UGL test.

If this is the case, there are way too many unknowns to give you any real advice here. If you are going the UGL route, at the very least you should be getting regular bloodwork to confirm or deny any differences in reaction, especially when switching from one source to another.

The only REAL advice I can give you is to try and find a source for a prescription and get pharmacy grade medication, and stop gambling with your well-being on UGL crap.


Listen to this^.

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I started my TRT with a doc when I was living in Canada. It was pharmacy grade medication.

Then I had to go back to France 1 month after and I could not find a doc who had any knowledge in TRT. They did not know English either so they couldn’t read the papers that my canadian doc had prepared for them.

One endocrinologist that I met was an old female who just touched my balls, saw that I had some beard and said that I did not need TRT.

Otherwise I would have to stop the treatment that changed my life for two months and then wait for a doc who would agree to put me back on TRT.

I did not want to go back to who I was before TRT because I also lost my job, my long time gf and my appartment.

I had to build everything back. I needed a clear mindset, not depression and all the shit I had before.

My medication was getting low and I was unable to get my canadian doc on the phone.
So I ordered online and kept the treatment the doc gave me.

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I didn’t know that, I guess I’ll do another blood test. Maybe I’ll try IM injections.

I’m sorry to hear that man. It’s rough sometimes and I understand that you have to do what you gotta do. BUT, still get regular bloodwork as stated (you can order your own labs online) and don’t stop pursuing the pharmaceutical route. Look for clinics that specialize in sports medicine and hormone optimization. You don’t have to follow their protocol exactly, but you can at least obtain the prescriptions from them and know what you are injecting.


Ok, I’ll give it another shot then. Thx


That’s absolutely ridiculous, having hair and normal size testicles is hardly proof of T status. I hear this sort of thing often and it seems to come from mostly women doctors.

I had plenty of hair on my body when testosterone was 120 ng/dL, all this means is my hair isn’t affected much by low testosterone.

Switch to IM ASAP. It’ll work. MAybe subq doesn’t Work for you.

Do you use the same needles for IM and subQ?

26/27g works 28g doesn’t pull liquid.

Based on your body you have to choose a needle length that will get past the fat and into muscle.

How much are you injecting and how many per week? Have you checked your thyroid as well? Thyroid can cause fatigue while on trt. It’s best to make sure you don’t need to fix that.

Ya exactly. Just need to endure your dosing is right. Ugl aren’t accurate. It can say 200mg /ml but might be 300 or 120mg/ml and vary from bottle to bottle.

You should translate everything to French. Look for a French doc and don’t ask them to see if your low t. Tell them you are low t and you need a new provider. Paper work to back it up.

Also go to the pharma area of the site and create s topic “need French TRT provider- help”. If someone here can’t guide you, then maybe they can.

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I use 29G insulin syringes, it does take about 30 seconds to fill.

I inject 0.2 mL of Testosterone on monday and friday. The bottle says 250mg for 10mL.
I use hCG EOD.

Honestly I’ve been quite overwhelmed by my career, trying to find a job, to become a developer, etc. For now, I’m just following what my canadian Doc has given me in 2017.
But I hope I’ll find a TRT doc someday. Even though it doesn’t seem common in Europe.

I’ve never checked my thyroid…
But I think everything is explained on this website. I’ll give it a look.

This is a needle problem. Get a bigger gauge, the test you bought is in a heavier suspension oil and it’s having a hard time getting through the needle.

It might be a solution. I’ve bought bigger needles but I realized that I wasn’t going far enough through the skin. Sometimes it’s perfect and sometimes it takes longer to inject.