Bad Stomach: Eat What During a Meet?

So judging by my first meet I think I will have a difficult time eating during my next meet (in 2 days). If anyone has stomach issues when they are competing but has things that they can eat pretty easily let me know.

So far this is what I have planned.

Waxy Maize/BCAAS mix (drink throughout competition)
Slow carb and slow protein mix (drink before a long layoff)
Apples (eat if I want to eat something solid)

Any thoughts, advice, critiques of what I am doing, etc. is welcomed.

oranges. good fast energy. power bars too

Make sure you avoid anything that would sit heavily in your stomach, avoid fatty foods.

I think your ideas + oranges probably ought to be okay.

Baby food. this is all I would eat during wrestling tournaments. I can’t eat much before I workout. Surge really has my stomach turning and bloated.

I saw a lot of peanut butter sandiwches, pedialite, and gatorade at the meets i’ve been too.

At the last powerlifting meet I went to I was severely dehydrated to make weight and damn tired due to a large party next door. My stomach wasn’t great and I couldn’t stomach the oats I brought so i ate two bananas a protein shake and put 150grams dextrose into a gallon of water. I drunk that coming up to lifting (2 hours after) as well as another 50 grams of dextrose in a drink bottle of water during lifting.

This literally brought me back from the dead as I had almost withdrawn, I got 2 pb’s.

Maybe it seems like bad advice but thats what I did and it worked.

Special K protein bars are nice and light on the stomach. Fruit, as mentioned, nuts, preanut butter.

Almonds with some blueberries and a protein shake work great. Helps satisfy you but won’t make you feel stuffed.

After cutting my weight for comp, we use pedialite and gatorade plus some red bulls for energy. In terms of food- bananas (to help with cramping) and pb&j sammiches. Those help out a lot. Sometimes I just eat whatever I can get my hands on tho, but my stomach doesnt bother me too much…

I consistently have to pee tho.

What’s the stomach issue?

I like chicken noodle soup (in a ready-to-go container) for the fluids and perservatives. I just drink it cold.

Other than that:
powdered gatorade then mixed up with less crystals that instructions
peanut butter sandwiches

Some candy/pop and/or stimulant before deadlifts.

In general the fluids are most important to keep you from cramping, then food as you need it to maintain energy. The junk food/stimulants before deads is for quick energy, who cares if you crash afterwards.