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Bad Sterile Technique or Abscess?

Been on TRT For about 3 months now and have always used a Luer lock dead space 1ml 25gauge 5/8” injecting 0.4ml or 80mg of test every 3.5 days into my outer thighs (IM) with no issues. I wipe the top of the vial with alcohol, wipe my skin with a new pad and always make sure the needle doesn’t touch anything. However even though the needles say dead space there’s always oil left and I’ve tried numerous techniques to prevent that but there’s always oil left. So when I read KSman post about smaller needles I went to the local Walmart and purchased insulin syringes to be exact 29 gauge 1/2” with only a 50ml barrel since KSman had mentioned better pressure with the smaller barrel. I used the same sterile technique and injected my leg (outer thigh) as if it was a IM shot I did NOT pinch the skin like some guys do on their stomach fat. 2 days later redness heat and swelling, went to the urgent care and they said it’s infected. Got a shot of antibiotics plus 2 oral antibiotics to be taken for 10 days. Of course all this happened on a weekend so finally on Monday I called my TRT provider (defy medical) and was told by one of their medical staff that since my sterile technique was the same it’s due to the small gauge of the insulin syringe and that supposedly it formed a pocket in my leg causing an infection. She used a pipe analogy which I didn’t really understand but basically saying the pressure is so high it formed a ball of oil that created a pocket I guess.
At this point I’d like to get some opinions about that cause I really enjoyed the fact that I didn’t need a prescription for the insulin syringes and could pick them up locally but more importantly NO WASTED OIL.
As a final reminder I injected into my thigh without pinching skin so as if it was a IM Shot

I’m not an expert but it sounds like the force you need to apply to the plunger to push oil based testosterone through an extremely small opening creates high discharge pressure which damaged muscle or tissue. Also, the insulin syringe technique described here is for sub q injections, not intramuscular. That is why they pinch the skin, the drug goes under the skin but above the muscle basically. Insulin needles are not for intramuscular injections. Additionally, imo 5/8" needles are not long enough for injecting in your quads, i would go with 1" for quads and delts 25 or 23 guage. This is what I do with no issues.

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The 5/8” needle length was my Dr (defy medical) idea. The paper work clearly states to be used for IM OR subq and I never had issues with that.
So at this point what options do I have that provide 0 or at the least minimal oil loss like insulin syringes do?
I’ve seen so many other people use small gauge insulin syringes without pinching skin on their shoulders legs glutes etc.

5/8" needles is fine for outer quads, at this length you’re hitting muscle every time. 1" needles in quads is necessary. I have never pinch the skin. You should try shoulder, less fat up there.