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Bad Spotter Video


http://www.goyk.com/video.asp?path=1697 it says at the bottom he made the lift later so go figure


That video is disgusting but it looks like his hands just slipped off the bar, not the spotter's fault there.


Are you sure thats 600lbs as it looks like their is more than that on the bar being as those are 50KG plates i'm sure. And it also looks alot like Tiny Meeker, and if it is him that would be around like 900 on the bar.


That's the same video of Gene dropping 1000lbs on himself.

That's why we wrap our thumbs around the bar, kiddies.


That definately wasn't Gene.


I Think they are yelling geeene in the background.


It says it was 882 at the bottom of the page.


Did that dude break all his ribs? I swear to god I heard them cracking....shudders


If it was Gene then he was okay later. I don't remember if anything broke but I mean, he didn't die.


He was fine.


That wasnt Gene it was Steve Wong. And that wasnt 600 it was 832. And he actually did get the lift on his last attempt even after that drop. To be mentally strong enough to complete that lift after dropping it like that is amazing. The clip of all of his lifts that day is at irongame.com