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Bad sounds

Rather than muck up the “new sounds” thread with negativity, How bout we talk about the “bands that makes us want to puke” in this thread.

New Found Glory
Good Charlotte



this is my kinda post:

The strokes
The darkness - these guys suck ass.
50 cent - talk about a misogynist a$$hole, why the hell is this guy famous, for being a criminal?!

Any dance music. Erm that’s it.

justin timberlake
janet jackson

Who else was “playing” during the Super Bowl?

I second the new found glory and good charlotte. They were decent a long time ago, but now they’ve achieved boy-band status. I’m gonna get screamed at for this, but I am sick of hearing about Dave Matthews and John Mayer. I know they’ve got some good music, but talk about somebody else already!

Blink 182, Green Day, 50 Cent, Lil John and the eastside boys, Blind Melon. These all suck , BAD.

Ok. first off don’t knock the strokes or the darkness. The strokes are making some of the best music todya. Like it or not they are one of the most important bands out there. And i know the Darknes maybe a little different but it’s part of their schtick. They are about having fun with music but rocking while they do it. I find their music both funny and great to listen to. but any anyway, my choice for Bad SOunds are…

  1. Nickelback-need i say more
  2. Jet- see my psot on “good sounds” thread
    3.Clay Aiken- I fucking loath Clay Aiken
    4.Good Charlotte


Bands that make me sick:

Blink 182
Simple H
Good Charlotte
Simple Plan
3 doors down

One band that I just can’t get enough of:

Modern Talking (please download some of their songs - they need the publicity in North America). They’re already sold over 85 million albums (placing them on the world’s top 10 most successful artists), but nobody in Canada or the States knows them.

In their early days (1984-1987), the genre was kind of disco, and nowadays (1998-2003), it’s a combination of a few things, like pop, dance, and new wave.


I have an 11 year old Girl (#1 Daughter) who went to the concert with her Aunt here last night…came home just tweaked from her first rock-show rush.

“They had FLAMES Daddy”

“You should have seen the lights!”

“Was it ever LOUD”

…all the while insisting that every Arena-Rock show I have ever seen was “not like this”


Aerosmith is turning in their graves.

(Joe Perry, IS dead, right…I mean it’s the same guy who pretends to be Keith Richards…ever see the two of them together in the same room?..I rest my case…)

Fucking hate Nickleback.

“You know what I hate? Indian givers… no, I take that back”

~ Emo Philips

boy bands.

Thank God they’re gone.

Rap is short for crap

I used to hate Limp Bizkit but the Behind Blue Eyes song is pretty good.

The Who did Behind Blue Eyes, Limp Dipshit is just rippin it off.

I’ll forgo listing any rap or dance as that would make this a long post. I like rock but these are out:

Nickleback - The pain! Make it stop.
3 Doors Down - How about 6 ft under?
Hot Hot Heat - Flame thrower plz, I’ll show ya heat.

Anything from a former Mouseketeer and the Milkshake song…just horrible. Oh yeah and techno/trance…no thanks.

hey what ever gets you going. I hate most of these bands too. I do jam to some 50 tho.He’s kinda swole too

Good Charlotte
Sum 41
Trapt -fucking horrible!
John Mayer
Jason Mraz
New Found Glory
Taking Back Sunday
Simple Plan
Limp Bizkit
Linkin Park - except for Faint.Good song.
Evanesscence- even though lead singer is bodacious.
Puddle of Mudd
3 Doors Down
3rd Eye Bling
The Strokes- minus a few songs
The Vines
The Insert-Any-Word-Here bands

There are more but I’m getting sick thinking of them. The problem with most of these bands is they lack any real talent to compose something like a complicated melody thats original. Its simple rythym shit with a huge focus on whiney lyrics and screaming. Man oh man, most modern music sure does suck. And I didn’t even touch rap.

Cupcake, I believe you are mistaken. John Depp is the Keith clone.

Ah, who am I shittin’, nobody can be Keith, not even Joe.

The only person whos been mummified while living.

Arena rock and mullets will never die. DLR is still kickin’ (kinda, after the groin replacement procedure)

I was hanging out the other day when a 3 doors down song came on the radio so I yelled out “man is it just me or does 3 doors down suck” and 3 girls turned around to give me bad looks. This is while I was talking to one of their friends and she was like “they are going to the concert tomorrow night.” I love sticking my foot in my mouth.

Simple Plan!!! I can’t believe I forgot those fuckers…

The statement is correct about whiney lyrics with all rythm pieces.

I will vouch for blink 182 though, The drummer fucking wails. Sum 41’s first album was kind of fun (including the judas priest throwback song at the end of the album) but this latest effort is terrible.


ok,it must be probably cos u bastards are older than me but…

…chevelle is awesome, finally a band I can get pumped up to before my rugby games that isn’t 15 years old. As for the Darkness their 1st single is pretty cool actually. The strokes are awesome, great unique sound, must better than the pop swill out there. The Vines and Nickelback have good songs out too, Nickelback’s new album is rocking and the vines are supposed to be coming out with their sophomore effort soon as well, looking forward to it…

Ren, the silly drunk 20 year old