Bad Sleep Pattern + Consistent Lifting = Body Always Achy

I starting lifting a little different and want to know if it’s from a good workout(s) or just bad sleep.

It’s normal for body to feel lethargic if consistently sleeping lower 7 hours a day.

However combined with lifting, this is a bad combination and is worse than bad sleeping ALONE in my opinion. Let alone the gains one makes he could be missing out on while body recovering.

Is this a real thing?

Concur. Bad sleeping alone is always bad. Best to bad sleep with someone else.

Joking aside, sleep is a part of recovery. If you have less sleep, you have less recovery. However, you will still get bigger and stronger with poor sleep and training than you will with good sleep and no training.


I’m not sure I understand all of what you’re saying, but, if the problem is that schedule won’t allow for more than 7 hours of sleep, I’d say you should focus on sleep quality. Google sleep hygiene, but there are some easy steps you can take. For me:

  • Eat carbs are dinner
  • Don’t eat within a couple hours of bed
  • No phone within 20 minutes of bed
  • ZMA
  • Cool room
  • Dark (thick curtains)
  • Heavy (weight) blanket
  • I think a consistent schedule helps, but I don’t always have one. I come as close as I can.
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You also realize that this (along with the bad diet you talk about in previous posts) counteracts any benefits of the TRT that you’re doing?

How old are you and current weight?

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Search his numerous other threads and you’ll realize he’s not someone you can help.


Will do

brb gotta wait till pay day to buy groceries, but gonna get my weekly TRT shot tho

What’s your email? I’ll send you couple pics

If you’re gonna share pics with strangers, why not post them here?

I’m not sure what the point of this post was - you’re stating the obvious. And you’re also leaving out your bad diet too

How do I scratch out face like people do when they post

like this:
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But I think you can also use your snapchat app or pixlr

You can also crop on your phone or computer.

Looks like you’re hiding bodyfat. Ask your 24 hour fitness trainer to use calipers wrong tho

Hiding? I don’t hide on purpose lol, shirt is obviously tight. And that looks more than 25% to you? When I get bf checked I make sure everything is let loose and tell them to grab as much as possible …

@Emcon456 I’m not following. What are you looking for here? Do you want to know if you feel like crap because you work out too much or do you want sleep tips or do you want to know if you should lose bodyfat? I don’t ask too insult; I think some clarity of what you want will help folks help you. Just clarifying what you want may tell you what to do anyway (always works for me).

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I was basically asking if post-workout soreness is worsened when one doesn’t sleep well the following days. Sometimes I overanalyze the hell out of a post when I’m in some high mood at the gym lol

Not in my experience, no.

Poor hydration, new movements and accentuating negatives would be the biggest culprits to my mind. Poor sleep would barely crack the top 10 reasons. Particularly not if you classify “less than 7 hours” as poor sleep

Gotcha. So, yes. Not sleeping well will drastically impact your recovery. Extra soreness is a potential indicator you’ve not recovered. Ergo, we could reason you’ll experience more soreness than you normally would if your sleep isn’t up to par.