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Bad Shoulder; Need LA Area Therapist or Trainer


Before I post the gory details of my long term, multiple problems with my shoulder, I need to know if anyone can recommend a trainer or a therapist who can first: diagnosis what is wrong with my shoulder and second, tell me what to do about it. My basic problem is I have long had a very stiff right shoulder and right shoulder neck connection that has made bench pressing and other shoulder activities impossible.

Next, as background, I should add that I had every joint in my body operated on to remove scar tissue from ten years of ground fighting & grappling - and those operations included the replacement of my lower vetebrae with fused together hip bone. However, other than my right shoulder - 20 years later, I still have zero pain and only minor problems with any other part of my body that were operated upon. Just my right shoulder.

Then, I more recently added to that another injury - or set of injuries - in my right shoulder - which may or may not include the supraspinatus - and those injuries are clearly due to over use of the computer. And that now has now made it impossible for me to work out at all - and while typing is also quite painful, texting on my phone makes my right shoulder feel as if an ice pick is being repeatedly plunged into it.

But,I still seem to have a good range of motion in some ways and that seems to preclude what some doctors have diagnosed my condition as being and none of the doctors or therapists have been able to figure out exactly what is going on - much less what to do about it.

Lastly, I have been to all the big names in the orthopedics over the years - but none of them ever correctly diagnosed what my initial problems were (I had so much scar tissue it was cutting off the supply of blood to my brain and my heart) - and even the doctor who figured out what my initial problems were and successfully fixed them, was clueless when it came to what type of physical therapy I needed due to my unique problems. So - any recommendations?