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Bad Shoulder Mobility & Posture at 15 Years of Age

I used to weigh 212lbs at 5 '8, 14 years, literally like no muscle, just a lame fat kid. Then at 14, I was full of being a lame fat kid and wanted to be cool for a change. After about 6 months of stupidly low caloric intake (800-1500 calories and fasting up to 3 days) and lifting 3-5 days a week with no set goals for lifts, I got down to 145 lbs. All I did was stupid isolation work, no squats, deads, presses, nothing. About 3 months ago I really started focusing on compound movements. In the last month, my numbers went up as follows: 275 1rm to 295 3rm (deadlift), 115 5x5 to 140 5x5 (bench), 135 5x5 to 225 3x5 (squat), and 65 5x5 to 105 5x5 (ohp). I try to lift heavier weight every workout on my compounds or higher reps with previous weight lifted. Current stats: 5 '11, 15 years, 148-151lbs. Currently eating 3500-4000 calories a day.

Now that I have given a bit of a background, my problem is screwed up posture. Shoulders are always rolled forward and scapula just protrudes out if I’m relaxed. Just today found out how big of a problem my screwed up posture and lack of mobility will cause me in the future (and honestly now as well, being a hunchback isn’t something I dream about).

Question: Should I start from the bottom (bar only weight) on my compounds till I fix my posture with various stretches and exercises (high rep rows, band pull aparts, DB pullovers, etc…), and build back up to my current lifts, or should I keep lifting my current numbers and work on my posture simultaneously?

Thanks a lot, T-dawgs.

I never quite know what this means. Pictures would probably be helpful. Your profile pic looks just fine. Very few people have perfect posture, and even those with very strong, muscular upper backs/shoulders tend to have rolled-forward shoulders, and if they spend a lot of time on phones/computers a slightly hunched neck. It’s kinda hard to not have in today’s world.

It’s not also necessarily bad, you know? If you’re getting bigger and stronger, and stay injury free, then whether or not your shoulders aren’t pulled back 24/7 probably doesn’t really matter.

I have some shoulder issues myself, and was directed to this thread:

Read through it and see what you think. I’m slowly addressing different parts of it. Take this with a grain of salt since I’m no expert, but if you want to just get bigger and stronger, and are young and healthy, just do 5/3/1 (or any program designed to get you stronger), slowly getting stronger at the big lifts, and also do things like rows, pull aparts, etc. as assistance work. My plan right now is to find ways to work my upper body while also addressing my shoulder, I just need to find ways that don’t hurt me. That doesn’t sound like it’s really an issue for you though. If you start while you’re young, doing some back work along with your pressing should keep you healthy for at least a while (hopefully!).


A fair few movements are two birds one stone kinda deals that improve posture and strength those good positions at the same time. Front Squats are a great example. The posture/mobility demands will improve ur posture and they are a solid exercise. More fun than passive stretching and arguably more effective not even considering time efficiency

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Totally agree with you - front squats rule, if you can do them, but I would also add that if this dude is actually really concerned with his posture, they will strengthen his mid/upper back, but also require his shoulders being forward.

I see it as a non-issue and would recommend doing them, but in case he’s actually that worried about it.


Yeah it’s just an example I guess. Probably plenty of movements that are both demanding on mobility and offer a training effect in the areas OP wants. He is already going after pullovers, face pulls and band pull Aparts so that’ll be a start.


Take up Yoga if you can.

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If you feel no pain then just do corrective exercises and drop the weight back to a point where you can maintain good positioning. A few weeks and you should be 80% of the way there.

No need to do anything silly like go back to an empty bar.


Just up the upper back work,


Thanks all for the responses.

You’re clearly looking down here, so it’s not really helpful.

I think the “fix your posture in the gym” stuff is a little overblown. You have to practice your awesome posture all the rest of the day. So stand like a superhero and make a conscious effort to sit up straight all the time.

Not kidding

Been doing that, thanks for making me sure to keep doing it, but I really do have posture problems. I know about the fluffy functional training gurus warming up and stretching for hours on end, aint one of em. I was ultra fat and slouched 24/7 for 5 years, I cant bench an “ok” weight without shoulders rolling inward :man_shrugging:

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I cant tell that the shoulder roll forward. I’d keep your stuff as it is, add yoga, add the whole facepulls/band pullaparts etc

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Congrats on that weight loss though

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