Bad Sexual Performance and Hormone Imbalance

Hi guys,

I have a problem this time of premature ejaculation and I think the cause is my hormone imbalance …
And I wonder if someone can help me ?

I did many steroid cycles in the past so my hormones went up and down but I never experienced this problem until now.

Two years ago, I felt low T and high estrogen so I did a blood test and my testorone was low but in the range. My progesterone and my estrogen was high but again in the range my doctor said.

So I decide to do an HCG protocol of 20 days 500ui a day and after that Nolvadex for 4 weeks.
When I was doing HCG my libido and my energy was very good but when I started Nolvadex I feel like crap (anxious) but after many weeks no nolvadex I felt better.

AND… this is at this time I think my probleme of premature ejaculation started but it is very occasionnal but most of the time I feel very sensible and I cum fast.

So after 2 months off medication, I did an other blood test and it was the same result. (Low T and high estrogen and progesterone)

So I decided with my doctor to do TRT 140mg a week (no blood test until)…

But 3 months later, I did a testosterone cycle of 500mg a week of sustanon with no AI (high estrogen) for 6 week and drop to 150mg a week of sustanon plus 400mg of trenbolone enanthate a week for 6 more weeks. The side effects of trenbolone was so hard so I decided to stop it. I felt super anxious and stressed, sometimes I felt parano…

Now 4 weeks laters after my last Tren injection, I feel better but I experience again a fast ejaculation but with a good libido.

So now, I decided to stop cycles and do TRT like I’m supposed to do… for live a better life.

Has anyone ever had this problem and can talk abou it ? Do you think this is related to my cycle on and off and bad side effects or an other problems in my life ? My opinion: my body has experienced so much stress in the last two years (estrogen up and down, SERMS and trenbolone) so I have long terme side effects.

And do you think 100mg of test a week (less hormones) will be better for decrease the stress of my body ?

Thanks for the help,

35 years old man
12% BF
6" and 225 pounds

The only time I find I cum fast is when my libido is so high I feel like Im 18 again and super ramped up during the moment. So like 5 minutes or so. Not sure if its the same as you’re experiencing. As for protocol, 100-140mg a week for 8 weeks min and THEN asses how you feel. No AI, no HCG (unless preserving fertility), no SERMs, nothing.

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What were the levels of high estrogen in those instances? Many people find high estrogen causes less sensitivity which equates to taking longer to finish.

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