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Bad Scapula Pain at Night

Hi folks

For the past month I’ve been getting quite bad, dull pain in a sort of C shape around my scapula on both sides. Sort of either side of my spine, and then moving to under each scapula.

It only seems to happen at night and only 1 night in 3. No idea why at night - maybe cos I’m lying down?

The fact that I’ve stopped deadlifting (Coronavirus lock down) and switched to kettlebell workouts hasn’t effected it either way.

I do spend long times in front of a computer for work, but not sure why it’s suddenly come on as I haven’t increased time spent.

I’m otherwise reasonably healthy.

Any ideas?!


Overhead shrugs and glute bridges are my go-to exercises for all things posture related. Higher volume once every week or two (pending on your recovery levels and such) with lower volume kettlebell work the rest of the time, IE snatches, get ups, more bridges etc.