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Bad ROM Post Elbow OP

Ok so from the start:

I broke my wrist and elbow when I was about 7 years old. Growing up It would click the odd time and even lock the very odd time! I began working out when i was 19 and had no real problems.

18 months later (june 2011) I noticed my elbow was quite swolen and began clicking a lot more often and it was more painful.

I had an x-ray and it was found there was a loose body in my elbow joint.

This was removed by an elbow specialist on October 7th 2011.

I went to physiotherapy for a number of weeks and now 5 months later my Range of motion is severely limited, I am in constant pain and even brushing my teeth is painful.

I have made 2 trips back to the surgeon to complain and it seemed i was not being taken seriously and was accused of doing my exercises wrong (overhead tricep extension and tricep pushdown with a band and pushups off a wall…really doc?)

I recieved a cortisone injection about 5 weeks ago as it is still very swollen and has not gone down.

On sunday last I got a new MRI and am hoping to find something that can be done to fix my arm as it really has me down. I work in a gym and sitting around for 5 months training legs when I can is actually really getting to me!

Im looking for any advice, or anyone elses experience or knowledge on this issue.

I hope to be able to return training upperbody soon. But I fear i will be stuck with this limited range of motion and pain for good!

Thanks for your time,