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Bad Reactions from Vitamin B Complex Anyone?


So i did a blood test and shows my folate acid is low. So i purchased vitamin B complex blackmores brand. As soon as i take 1 pill i can straight away feel my energy level increase. Thats the good side of it but the bad side is that i can feel a mild headache, drowsiness, brain fog, watery poop, vision not sharp. I also feel more calm and chill but my cognitive feel slow at the same time. I suspect its because of the brain fog thats why i feel chill and calm. Now has been my third day taking it. Should i continue taking it or stop? Will the side effects go away after several days or weeks?


Yeah stop immediately.
-No natural supp should be affecting your brain chemistry like that. Maybe contaminatd even.
Could take 10 days off and then try another brand


It could be that your body can’t convert one or more of the vitamins properly for the body to use (ie: methylation). It might be that your body responds to the folate well, but not the Vit B12, or vice versa.
Or it might be one of the other B vitamins. There are different forms of these vitamins that are more bioavailable to the body. Some people can’t take a Vit B Complex for that reason. They take the various B vitamins individually. Google “methylation,forums” and the first site should be able to help you out.


It could be that this particular brand of vitamins is not put together properly. For example, if I take a tablet instead of a capsule I do not digest the nutrients as well. I have never heard of this brand and I am not saying that it is a cheap brand. I am just giving you my point of view. I purchase most of my nutrients from either Biotest or Life Extension. That way I know I am getting my money’s worth. They may cost a bit more at times but it’s well worth it. People who buy their nutrients at Walmart get what they deserve.