Bad Prescpription Testosterone?

I was on androgel for over a year. I started out at 5g and increased to 10, which hardly raised my testosterone levels at all (last blood test was like 380).

The doctor switched me to 100 mg Test Cyp every week, which worked fantastic for about 6 weeks. My testosterone was about 500 the day of my next injection. However, my symptoms started coming back (brain fog, loss of erections, low libido), so I only assumed that my estrogen was out of whack. However, I did not have symptoms of high estrogen at all, and i am currently about 12% body fat, so i don’t think i am aromatizing much since my testosterone was not that high with the injections anyways. Anyways, my next blood work revealed that my testosterone was 250 on day 5 after my injection!!! Estrogen was not checked, but since my testosterone is so low, i highly doubt i have high E.

I have not changed anything to my protocol. My prescription has always come from KMART. I use a 1" needle 25 gauge and inject into the middle outer third of my thigh since day 1… THIS USED TO WORK PERFECT; however, for some reason it is no longer working!! i have fairly muscular thighs, so I’m not sure if this is effecting the absorption…


Probably because none of us really understand how to properly supplement/replace our androgens.

I seriously doubt that it’s K-Mart’s fault. Testosterone is so cheap to produce, there’s no good reason for them to water it down.

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