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Bad Posture & Lack of ROM

Ok, so I started getting problems almost 2 years ago in the form of knee pain caused predominantly by tight ITB and a few other things, posture related. After I got this fixed I realised how bad my posture had become. Basically, within a period of about 6 months of heavy running and weights, my legs and pelvis had become imbalanced and I had developed a serious ‘ass out’ posture. This obviously lead to the top half of my body compensating and my head and shoulders jutting forward. I am therefore trying to correct the problem with my leg and pelvis imbalance, and trying to get the pelvis back ‘underneath’ my body.

I realise that I have to strengthen and activate my glutes and hamstrings but most things I do simply make the opposing muscles tighter and the posture worse. Also due to the opposing tension (which I am having alot of difficulty releasing) I dont have the range of motion to perform deadlights or squats. When I squat my ass goes way out and my top half goes way forward. I have tried some of the things in ‘No More Neanderthals part IV’ but am having difficulty performing alot of it because of the lack of range of motion caused by tension.

I have tried so many different weights and exercise routines, but have only seen slight results. Most excercise I do simply seems to tighten everything I have been trying hard to loosen, without hitting my inactive muscles.

Any ideas on what I can try next?


Definitely pick up a copy of our Magnificent Mobility DVD; you’ll be back on track within a month. You can find it in the Biotest store (and read reviews about it on the thread here on the Locker Room).

I would also highly recommend getting a foam roller; for more information, give this article a read:


Good luck!


I have similar issues and i recently started some routines from www.egoscue.com.

Cheers guys, I will give that mobility DVD a go for sure.