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Bad pip looking for some new ideas or techniques

I have been doing sust 300 for 6 weeks and this isn’t my first cycle i no thw gear I have is high in ba content and I been shooting in my quads mostly and sometimes the pip is bad bad for a couple of days and other times it’s not that bad I was wondering if anybody had any good ideas I hit the syringe with the blow dryer before I shoot and I message the area right after I shoot and take hot shower still nothing works. I was wondering is it bad to message the area the next day cuz I have a nice knot there or just leave it and let time heal it

You can take it orally but it won’t enter your blood stream, i.e. orally it’s completely ineffective. hCG as a molecule is too large to be absorbed sublingually and will be destroyed in your digestive system. This is the same reason something like insulin needs to be injected. hCG therefore must be injected in order to receive the intended benefits.

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nope. doesn’t work. period.

Ok thanks a lot for the info I’m just gonna take arimidex with my cycle then