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Bad Pain in Upper Thigh, Beside Groin


hey guys, i need some help, but dont really wanna go to a dr yet if someone might be able to help...

ive been having a cnstant problem with my upper thigh, going into my groin...whenever i run, do leg raises, leg tucks and other mitions like that, it gets extremely tight, and when i do leg tucks, i feel a crunching almost, im prayng to god its not a hernia, there is no buldge, swelling, just very tight...i hope some1 can help me out...thanks


You have hurt/torn your hip flextor. I did this a few weeks back. It gets better. Learn to type.


[quote]schaffer29 wrote:
Learn to type.[/quote]


It could be one of a few things. Your wording isn’t great. Go and see the Doc. Or at least find and anatomical drawing and locate what muscle it actually is.