Bad News

I just got the MRI results of my back injury. my Doctor said I have a 4mm bulged Disck L-5. the DR told me not to do deadlifts or squads “never” again. He won’t recomend them due to I can blow the disc out…What I’m I gonna do now ? I hate machines and I love working out with free weights.

Sorry to hear that bro…
I don’t think anyone here is going to contradict a doc when it comes to YOUR health.

Your alternatives are what, machines or nothing?

I think the answer is kinda obvious with the given information.

Try getting a second opinion from a sports doctor.

Good luck…

No reason to throw in the towel just
yet. There is the leg press, sumo squats,
one leg squats. Once you are beyond the
acute phase and ready to hit the gym,you
may be able to do some deads again. Just
don’t plan on breaking any records in the
deadlift! Keep your core muscles in top
shape, as they will help to keep your
spine in alignment. High rep leg work
can produce results as well and still be
a challenge. You do have options…
I don’t hear no fat lady singing bro.

it is not the end of the world. i have this problem … my doctor told me the same thing. he said not to do “any of these” [and then proceeded to mimic a bent over row] or any “bench presses” or squats or deadlifts or any heavy lifting. i squatted last night with more weight than i’ve used in years. i’m benching tonight …

there are just a million things to consider.

how old are you? how much experience do you have? do you know how to listen to your body? WHY did your back get damaged in the first place?

my back got torn up as a result of weak and inflexible hips and glutes as well as having L/R imbalances. now that i address these issues, i have been improving and have remained injury free.

don’t give up … get smart!


thanks guys